Ready to guess your latin music song?

Ready to guess your latin music song?

Ready to guess your latin music song?Are you a fan of latin music? And you think you know everything about the lyrics and titles of latin music songs, from recent years or more recent? It's time to find out if you are right or wrong!How do you do it? Simply by taking advantage of Song Trivia to play a latin music quiz. And why not challenge your family or friends to find out who has the most musical culture. We explain how to take up the challenge!

The latin music quiz: the ideal ingredient to spice up your parties

Its name leaves little room for doubt. Latin music originated in Latin America, although it seems to have invaded the whole world in recent years. The beauty of this musical genre is that it encompasses a large number of different trends and styles. Playing a Latino music quiz is therefore a way of ensuring that all profiles and all generations will be touched, but above all that you will be singing and dancing until the end of the night!

Salsa, tango, Brazilian music, Andean music, bachata, cumbia, samba, reggaeton... There is something for everyone. Latino music is the soundtrack of an entire continent, giving rhythm to its demonstrations, its entertainment, and representing above all its culture and its crossbreeding. It is mainly influenced by the pre-Hispanic and African sounds of the indigenous peoples, and thus has a history closely linked to those of traditional latin rituals and dances.
Juanes, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Daddy Yankee, J Baldwin, Santana, Buena Vista Social Club, Marc Anthony and Elvis Crespo are just some of the Latin music legends you can find by playing the special latin online music quiz!

Play a latin music quiz to test your musical knowledge!

Latin music has always been synonymous with partying, dancing, and beats. Whichever players you decide to take on in the Latino Music Quiz, you can be sure that you will recognise the songs that are playing. The question is who will be the first to guess the name of the song and its performer. Guess the song is a game of speed!

Are you really sure you can find someone who sings timeless Latin hits like Guantanamera, La Bamba, La Rebelion or Livin' la Vida Loca. Or would you be more comfortable with more recent songs that you probably still listen to on the radio, such as Safari, Despacito, La Noche de Anoche, Pepa, Secreto, or Problema.

On SongTrivia, the Latin music quiz has the advantage of allowing you to discover or rediscover all the trends in Latin music. You'll find themed playlists based on the year or decade of release of the tracks you have to guess. But you can also choose a specific sub-genre, such as Latin Risers, Chill En Casa, Nueva Ola Pop or Románticas.

Guess the latin music quiz on SongTrivia

Now all you have to do is start your first latin music quiz game on SongTrivia! On your computer (via your browser) or mobile device (with our iOS or Android app), you can play solo, with your friends, or in multiplayer against complete strangers.
Configure our music quiz according to your wishes. For example, you can choose the length of the musical extract, the number of answers that will be suggested to you... Everything is made for a tailor-made game, which will automatically allow you to unlock a new playlist.

Take our word for it! Your family dinners, evenings with friends or team-building events will never be the same again thanks to Song Trivia's Latino music quiz!

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