Ready to test your alternative music knowledge?

Ready to test your alternative music knowledge?

Ready to test your alternative music knowledge?You don't do anything like the others? Well, Song Trivia offers an alternative music quiz that will allow you to test your knowledge of indie pop and alternative rock. Be the first to recognize the notes of your favorite songs. The online blind test is the best way to have a good time, alone or with friends. We explain how to play and give alternative music its rightful place to guess the songs.

Test your musical knowledge with the Alternative music quiz

Alternative music is, as its name suggests, a musical style that does not fit into any category. Forget the narrow codes of classical music, rap or even reggae, alternative music invents itself by playing with its own criteria of composition, production or distribution.

Naturally, there are many influences in this musical genre, but the artists who claim to be part of it (and who you will find in our Alternative music quiz) do not lock themselves into its codes. Alternative is freedom from existing systems. We can therefore say that it is not a unique genre, but open and plural.
Playing the Alternative Music Quiz with friends will allow you to rediscover the timeless hits of alternative music. Coldplay, MGMT, Placebo, Cat Power, Billie Eilish, Green Day and Radiohead will be there! Fun evening entertainment with friends, colleagues or family guaranteed!

Who will win the Alternative/Indie music quiz?

With each new game of Alternative Music Quiz, you will have the opportunity to show that you are the one and only fan of this musical genre. The blind test allows you to challenge your friends, whether you are in the same room or miles away.

Song Trivia is available online, via your computer's web browser or directly on your smartphone/tablet using our app. Whichever medium/configuration you choose, the atmosphere will always be there!

Can you guess the title of the song and the name of the performer as soon as the first notes escape your speakers? The Alternative music quiz will test your nerves, testing your general knowledge and your ability to recognise popular indie music hits such as Bad Guy, Where Is My Mind, Zombie, The Sound of Silence or Quiero Comerte.

How to play Song Trivia Alternative?

The beauty of Song Trivia's Alternative Music Quiz is that absolutely anyone can participate. Our application even allows you to play solo, compete with friends and family, or compete with other players in multiplayer mode.
More good news: there is no shortage of alternative playlists on our platform. You can choose between a selection of alternative hits according to the year of their release. Or start a section dedicated to a musical sub-genre such as the best alternative rock hits, the most popular covers, or a special Breaking Alternative music quiz.
Once you have selected your playlist (you can unlock new ones after each game), all you have to do is choose how you want to play. Our online Blind Test allows you to set the length of each trial, or the possible answers that will be suggested to you!

Start a new alternative music quiz game on Song Trivia! And find out who has the best music culture and will win the game with the most points :)

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