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When the Musical Quiz makes you feel like you're at the cinema!

You are looking for a musical quiz that is out of the ordinary for your guests ? Here is one which makes this little effect, but which tends to be forgotten by music lovers: the film soundtrack.

If blind test rhymes with song lyrics - because this game can often turn into karaoke when it’s played with friends! - it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of our wonderful cinematic repertory and its numerous instrumental musics.

This music style may not be particular prominent on the radio or on our playlists on streaming platforms, but it is an integral part of our pop culture. Some of original soundtracks are as well- known as the lastest hits as The Weeknd or Ariana Grande !  So why not try 100% cinema quiz ?

Cinema as the thread of the musical quiz for a captivating atmosphere

Like any good playlist, a music quiz can deal with a very specific theme.
If "potpourri" is possible in either case, you must admit that it is indeed much more pleasant for our ears - or more effective, during a sports session ! - when our selection of pieces keeps the same spirit or energy throughout. Who would have the audacity, for example, to replace Mozart's Adagio, with its relatively slow tempo, with a frenetic Skrillex-like dubstep piece?

That's good because the choice of film music for a blind test already allows a certain continuity. Film themes can have very varied rhythms but they have the advantage, as we saw earlier, of often being instrumental or even orchestral; a key element that allows great fluidity between tracks. From Requiem For A Dream to Jurassic Park, via the Imperial March of Star Wars, your audience will no doubt be carried away by the same epic breath found in brass or violins - one of the master cards of Hollywood cinema!

A selection by type of film, for even more consistency in your blind test

If you want to push the idea of the theme to its climax, film music is also a good choice. With sounds atmospheres and rhythmics closely linked to the genre of the film from which they are taken, they will indeed offer you a multitude of possible sub-categories.

Feel like recreating a slow and frightening atmosphere? Then search through the horror films and you should be able to find pieces that go well together. If you're looking for oppressive but more powerful tracks, look for SF and dystopian blockbusters... With the famous soundtrack of Inception ("Brrrooom!"), which has been emulated by many others (Blade Runner 2049, Prometheus...), there's no shortage of examples!

Decorative objects for a musical sensory quiz in the world of the cinema

Choosing a particular movement or film genre also increases the immersion of participants in the musical quiz. Another factor also comes into play in the atmosphere of the quiz; and this is especially true when practiced with close friends, who you know will be receptive to it . We want to talk about the set elements.

Who would imagine a Western without its saloon signs or its wind-driven swirls? No one would. For your evening with friends, it's the same one! Without going so far as to flood your apartment to "plunge" you into the Titanic or Abyss atmosphere, adding a few decorative objects reminiscent of cult movies doesn't eat bread. It's up to you to use your imagination!

Adapt the difficulty of the musical test according to your guests

If you have chosen the theme of cinema because your friends are knowers of the 7th art, then you can let yourself go in your selection!

Several solutions are available to you. For apprentice art critics, author films not well-known to the general public will be an excellent choice and will help awaken the competitive spirit that lies dormant in them. Some filmmakers of the same stature (Kubrick, Almodóvar, Woody Allen...) are on the contrary very popular and will be more likely to satisfy all types of film lovers.
For film bulimics of all kinds - even the most obscure ones! -, the evening can turn into a real laughing stock. For example, try out the nannies who have made a flop at the box office or have such a "bad" reputation that only the bravest have ventured out (hello Sharknado). To shine in a game of general culture by its "inculture" is finally even more fun, and to show a little self-mockery doesn't hurt!

Prepare your blind test while learning and having fun

It’s also possible to rely on lists of films considered cult or important that you have never seen before. The game no longer consists of a simple game between friends, but starts earlier, when you are wandering on the internet.

You will indeed take advantage of your research to learn about the works, discover their soundtrack, and maybe even watch them before the appointment with your friends. In this case, it may be wise to agree on a date in way in advance, so you could easily get distracted by these discoveries and forget to prepare your test!

On the D-day, your efforts will be rewarded with a richer and more varied game. You will then see if you were lagging behind your loved ones... But of course, you don't have to admit it to them!

Embellish the musical anecdot quiz

As mentioned earlier, quiz nights often ends up in karaoke. This type of game can switch into knowledge quiz, like Trivial Pursuit.

If you have gone through a phase of research or are simply familiar with the cinema, don't hesitate to share it with your guests. Each good answer given, you could for example ask a question about the film or reveal an  unusual anecdote on the filming ; which will stimulate their curiosity.

Because let's not lie to ourselves, lovers of musical quizzes are often, in general, players or competitors at heart!

Bonus point: widening the game in this way will also allow you to vary your evenings and never get tired of quizzes! So, what do you expect to open Allociné and Netflix and go get to work ?

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