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[Top 10] Songs by Rosalía which reinvented flamenco

The release of her second album, El Mal Querer in 2018, revolutionized Latin music, and in particular the flamenco genre. Winner of several "Latin Grammy Awards", and included in many top end-of-year albums by the music industry experts, this album offered us a mix of Hispanic, R'n'B and hip-hop tunes, never heard before. .

The Barcelonan singer honors the culture of her country by transforming it in a modern beat and popularizing it around the world. She was able to collaborate with Latin music and hip-hop stars like J Balvin and Travis Scott, and she became on Spotify, the most listened to Spanish artist in the world.

SongTrivia invites you to immerse yourself in its super stylish musical and visual universe through a selection of 10 songs that have totally changed the way of conceiving flamenco and Latin music. Get ready to become a fan and share it with your friends at your next Guess the song dates!

  • “Malamente”
    Malamente is Rosalia's first successful single, and the one that started the media buzz around the singer. The track begins with characteristic flamenco hand claps and follows a dazzling hip-hop beat. It is of course the repetition of the Spanish word "Malamente" during the chorus that is particularly memorable. The clip, very aesthetic, mixes images of toreadors with urban references.
  • “Pienso en tu mirá”
    Her second single from El Mal Querer uses the same flamenco tones as Malamente, in a more introspective hip-hop track. The melody of the verses is superb, Rosalia showing all the strength in her voice, even in a softer register
  • “Bagdad”
    Mixing Spanish flamenco vocals with a part of the melody from “Cry Me A River”, by Justin Timberlake, you had to think about it! The singer offers us her own take on this R’n’B hit, reinventing its rhythm and transforming it into a brand new song, which works just perfectly! Will your friends recognize this cover in a music quiz?
  • “A Ningún hombre”
    The closing piece of her album consists only of vocal harmonies with reverb. The characteristic vocal effects of flamenco are there but the timbre of the voices in the background is modified by a kind of autotune pushed into the bass, adding a synthetic and futuristic side. Rosalía moves us with the beauty and power of her voice, once again.
  • “Con Altura” (feat. J Balvin)
    This time, Rosalía revisits reggaeton with J Balvin. "Con Altura" is a metaphor meaning "with class", but translated with first degree in the video clip, the two artists partying up in the air, in a plane. The video has already gained over 1 billion views! Reproduce the choreography in a music quiz with your friends and you’ll set fire to your living room.
  • “Aute Cuture”
    This track was released at the same time as “Con Altura”, after El Mal Querer, and confirms the more urban vibe of her new songs. Traditional Latin rhythms are mixed with energetic brass samples, reminiscent of the dancehall influences of M.I.A.
  • “Milionaria”
    One of Rosalia's most pop songs, which brings a bit of fresh air to the latin music. A "feel good" melody and really light and perfect for summer!
  • “Dio $ No $ Libre Del Dinero”
    We find in this title the spirituality of the singer's old tracks, with lots of flamenco vocals, but tuned. A mix between the ancient catholic culture of Spain and the modernity of R’n’B or the very "urban" theme of money. "Dios" written with a dollar: who would have done it?
  • “A Palé”
    “A Palé” opens with introspective and melancholic Spanish vocals before being abruptly interrupted by a deep bass and an ultra-heavy hip-hop beat. The production is minimalist, which only accentuates the power of the song.
  • “TKN” (feat. Travis Scott)

Rosalia's opening words are accompanied in the intro by a very exotic sort of mandolin, then a lively reggaeton beat takes over. The bond between rapper Travis Scott and Rosalia, who sometimes sing in unison in Spanish, is irresistible.

So, did this Top 10 make you want to know more about the beautiful Rosalia? If so, we can only advise you to take a look at her discography and be inspired by it for your next Latino party!

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