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[Top 10] Most beautiful voices in modern RnB

During the 90s, R’n’B (short for Rhythm and Blues) was totally reinvented, moving from a more funk or soul style to its modern pop and urban style, which topped the charts. An evolution to which artists like Michael Jackson have greatly contributed.

R’n’B was further transformed during the 2010s, returning in particular to a more soul-ish form or by integrating electronic productions. It can now be found in registers such as alternative R’n’B or neo soul.

Despite the changes it has undergone over the last 30 years, this musical genre still values vocalizations (or "vibes" for the experts) and warm vocal timbres. Take a look back at the greatest voices that contemporary R’n’B has known in a spectacular Top 10. We challenge you to do better than these singers during your next musical quiz night with your friends!

  • Lauryn Hill
    She is the singer who brought neo soul to the general public, at a time when radio stations swore by a more popular R’n’B. Winner of 5 Grammy Awards in 98 for her solo album, one of the best-selling that year, the former Fugees and Sister Act 2 singer surprised the world with her vocal abilities. Her last visit to Bercy proves that she is still one of the greatest voices in the world.
  • Alicia Keys
    Like Lauryn Hill a few years earlier, Alicia Keys imposed a more soulful vision of R’n’B. She stunned us all in 2001 with her first hit (“Fallin’ ”) and debut album that allowed her to become the biggest seller in the genre that year. Besides having an incredible technique, she is also an excellent pianist.
  • Whitney Houston
    The late Whitney Houston was one of the mentors of these great R’n’B voices. You could say that she made the link between divas of the 80s and contemporary R & B, for which she also offered a few hits, like "It's Not Right But It's Okay". Her vocal abilities in terms of pitch and power have rarely been matched ... Unless you want to challenge yourself in a music quiz with friends?
  • Mariah Carey
    She also went from pop diva to R'n'B diva, offering the genre even more hits than Whitney, with who she also made a successful duet (“When You Believe”) for the animation movie The Prince of Egypt. She holds a special place in this Top10 because Mariah is known for her exceptional range of more than 5 octaves - one of the largest in the world!
  • Beyoncé
    Beyoncé has not only been the queen of R'n'B for over 20 years, she is also one of the greatest voices of our generation. Such a powerful voice to match the spectacular shows she performs in the biggest stadiums on the planet. She's almost screaming when she pushes her voice in Drunk In Love, and fro sure only our Queen B is capable such a feat!
  • Rihanna
    If Rihanna is the richest singer in the world, it's not only because of all her unstoppable hits, but also thanks to her impeccable interpretations. She may not have the greatest technical skills of this Top10, but her exceptional voice makes her one of the most notable artists of our century.
  • Mary J. Blige
    The one nicknamed "Queen of Hip-hop Soul" also marked the world of R’n’B with her deep and rocky voice. Starting her career in 1992, she has adapted perfectly to the different evolutions of R’n’B, releasin huge hits around the 2000s and producing, even today, quality albums.
  • Solange
    We must believe that talent is in the family! Beyoncé's little sister already has to her credit 2 very beautiful albums, praised by the press. Her soft and angelic voice is one of her great assets. Are you also competing with your sister during your family musical quizzes?
  • Christina Aguilera
    You don't hear much about her in France anymore and that's sad, because Christina Aguilera has an impressive voice, capable of both endless vocalizations and a power which makes many singers quite jealous. She also has a singing capacity of 4 octaves, which does not place her very far behind Mariah in the largest ranges in the world!
  • SZA
    This is one of the new great voice in alternative R’n’B. SZA captivated the press and the public with their acclaimed debut album, Ctrl, 3 years ago. Her beautiful broken tone is sure to be the topic in the musical industry. The singer is off to a good start because she has already collaborated with Kendrick Lamar, Maroon 5 or Justin Timberlake…

Are you ready to measure yourself against the talent of these singers by going full on karaoke during your next “Guess the song” party? Who will do better than 5 octaves (without breaking a glass)?!

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