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[Top 10] Legendary electric guitars, which changed the world of rock

The most famous guitar heroes in rock history have all helped to popularise at least one guitar model - most of them Fenders or Gibson - that has remained forever associated with its owner's image.

Some of these guitars are also extremely rare. Either because they have been uniquely customised or because a limited number of them have been sold. SongTrivia decided to present you the most incredible models of our favourite rockstars! A top 10 that might make you want to play "air guitar" during your Guess the rock songs games...

  • Jimi Hendrix – Monterey Stratocaster
    This Fender Stratocaster isn't mythical just because it belonged to Jimi Hendrix and he customised it with psychedelic drawings. It is also and above all because the musician burned it on stage at the Monterey Festival in 1967. The guitarist's performance, which at the time was not known to the general public in the United States, left the audience speechless. The instrument was re-released in 2017 with the same drawings, for its 50th birthday.

  • Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) – Gibson double neck EDS-1275
    This guitar is best known for its extraordinary design - one of the most famous in the rock world! However, its double neck was really useful during Led Zeppelin concerts. With 6 classical strings for the intro and a 12-string second part for the climax, it allowed Jimmy Page to play their mythical "Stairway to Heaven" without changing guitars. Come on, you know this would crush everything in your living room for your musical quizzes with friends!

  • Marc Bolan (T. Rex) – Veleno
    The singer of T. Rex owned one of the first models of the rarest and most incredible guitars in the world: the Veleno. Invented by stringed-instrument maker John Veleno in the early 1970s, these work of art, produced in barely 200 pieces, are made entirely of aluminium, giving them a unique sound. Marc Bolan was Veleno's first famous customer, to whom he ordered two copies: one for himself and another for one of his friends... Eric Clapton!

  • Prince – Cloud
    Inspired by Prince's universe, this guitar was created especially for his musical movie Purple Rain, the iconic album of the same name being based on this movie. This famous volute-shaped instrument - hence its name cloud - was built by Minneapolis stringed-instrument maker Dave Rusan, and has remained forever associated with the image of Prince.

  • Angus Young (AC/DC) – Gibson SG 1968
    The SG model from Gibson immediately reminds us of its most famous owner: Angus Young from AC/DC. Perfectly adapted to the diabolical world of the band, with its famous horns and its red "Cherry" colour, this legendary instrument had even been customised just for Angus, including lightning marks, recognisable by all.

  • Eddie Van Halen – Frankenstrat
    The sound and appearance of this Fender is unique. Remodelled by Van Halen himself, it combines the body of a Stratocaster with pickups - the part that converts string vibrations into an electrical signal - from the competing brand, Gibson! The delirious design made of white, red and black lines reminds us of a Jackson Pollock's paintings.

  • Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick) – 5-neck Hamer
    Jimmy Page has some competition when it comes to multi-neck guitars... Hard to compete with the impressive design of Rick Nielsen's 5-neck Hamer. Probably not very practical to play but sometimes the look counts as much as the music, for a rockstar at least! If you want to buy it, it might be just a decorative object for your musical quiz nights...

  • Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones) - Micawber
    The Rolling Stones' most famous guitar helped bring the Fender's Telecaster model to the general public. Keith Richards named it after a character from David Copperfield, a novel written by Charles Dickens. It is also known for having one string missing.

  • Eric Clapton – « Blackie » Fender Stratocaster
    Eric Clapton adopted Fender's Stratocaster in the early 1970s. After playing on his "Brownie" (nickname given to the guitar because of its colour) Clapton played on stage with his "Blackie" for many years. Assembled from 3 different Stratocasters, it was auctioned for a record amount of nearly 1 million dollars!

  • Gene Simmons (Kiss) – Axe Bass
    It's not really a guitar, since it's actually a bass, but considering its extravagant design, we couldn't skip it... The instrument, created by the renowned stringed instrument maker Steve Carr, is indeed shaped like an axe!

This Top 10 maybe got you in the mood for some guitar learning... Which model would you go with and show off in front of your friends, during yours Guess the rock songs parties?

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