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[Top 10] Best rap punchlines of recent years

With the current rap scene, we can say that we are getting what we pay for in terms of clashes, ego wars and "diss songs" - those songs written only for the purpose of tackling other singers in the rap game!

In France, of course, the father of it all has to be Booba, whose titles are full of well thought sentences ... real punchlines! Thanks to him, we have the biggest clash of this decade, with Kaaris, whom he had to face (for real, this time) in the famous "octogone".
The new generation is no less creative and competes with ingenuity in slamming puns where nothing is out of the table. Song Trivia has made you a recap of the best punchlines heard recently, everything to use during your next musical night party to challenge your friends to a duel! Even Brice de Nice wouldn't have enough sass to answer that...

  • Booba: “Two-speed justice, the Lamborghini has six." (" Friday ")
    We start with the master who achieves the feat, in his recent single Friday, denouncing inequalities facing our justice system, in one sentence, while making a little bling bling “ego trip” with his Lamborghini. A wee wordplay and a French expression for one punchline: it’s art some would say!

  • PNL: "Only when you go down to hell you'll be able to return the favor." (" I live, I screw ")
    The punchy French rap duo, which is now a hit abroad, put their lyrics to serve some melancholy. This sentence and this well-felt image sum up all the heart of their songs.

  • Orelsan: "I'm the Beatles for young teens, I could go on Sky [French radio], even if my single was called "Fun Radio''[competitive French radio] “(" Jimmy Punchline ")
    We hesitated with his punchline where he compared his hangovers to Pinocchio but Orelsan makes us laugh too much with this display of pride. He defines himself here as the equal of the Beatles and tackles the radios by implying that they cannot do without the audience he brings them ... Just that! Do you brag like that during your games when you win?!

  • Damso: "I talk shit doing the doggy, that's the only way I'll talk behind your back." (" What a lot of life ")
    It is well known, the Belgian rapper is not known for being delicate with his words. Here, he excels but casually, the twist is subtle! Or how to be trash and “poetic” at the same time… Aaah, what a romantic this Damso! 😂

  • Klub des Loosers: “You don't have to dig a lot to find morons." ("Thanks again")
    Better known in the independent world, the rappers of Klub des Loosers are big fans of wordplays and punchline. Criticism hurts, but you can't help yourself but laugh at it ... In the same time, it does make sense!

  • Ninho: “No one looks at us in the eyes, just like the sun." ("Sun")
    We had to pay a wee tribute to the most popular rapper of the moment ... Ninho shows a disproportionate ego, just as we like it! Not only does he claim that we don't dare look him in the eyes, but he also sees it as a connection with the sun ... We haven't seen so much self-esteem since Louis XIV!

  • Kaza: "You don't want to see me anymore, but I only see myself with you." ("Idiot")
    A little romance in this violent world ... For once a pun in a rap punchline is about love, it deserved to be highlighted! Even the album cover shows a broken heart. Take out the tissues...

  • Nekfeu: "At the bottom of the hole, apart from the sky, who do you want me to turn to?" (" The Horla ")
    Best-selling rapper Nekfeu also has a good pen when it comes to writing dramatic lyrics. This line is a proof of his gift, and is one of the highlights of the powerful Le Horla, on his album Feu.

  • Rohff: "I have enough screws to be a screw up. " (" The Simple Things ")
    Bragging about your bad boy exploits is in the rap culture! Here, it's summed up perfectly, and with humor. We weren't asking for more ... In any case, we can say that you have enough punchlines with this article to prepare for a crazy musical quiz night with your friends!

  • Bigflo & Oli: "Your rap is so bad that if I play your music in my car, it's just so that I can use the disabled parking spot!" (Freestyle)
    Not very politically correct, but this freestyle by Bigflo & Oli, during the Rap Contenders battles, destroyed Sakage & Kemar so badly that we couldn't hide such a line. Damn this one must hurt...

Do you also feel like a poet? We await your suggestions for punchlines to destabilize your opponents in a duel, during your musical quiz evenings!

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