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[Top 10] Best electro performers: DJ’s and producers

Some say that DJ's are not real musicians... If some of them indeed very often stay with their hands up in the air while the music is playing out of a pre-recorded playlist - we won't give you any names! -, many other artists are real expert of remix or transitions, those famous interludes between two pieces of music that make a set fluid (or not!) and contribute to the atmosphere of the moment.

While concerts and festivals are still being cancelled due to the COVID-19, SongTrivia invites you to dream a little bit with a selection of 10 exceptional electro performers, they will set the mood between two musical quiz parties with your friends!  Let turn the lights down low and be ready to go crazy.

  • Aphex Twin
    It is difficult to talk about the best artists in electronic music without mentioning the one who is a bit considered as their pope: Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin. In concert, the maestro did not fail to live up to his reputation. His show at Rock en Seine in 2019 was a masterpiece of sounds and images, almost epileptic.
  • Kelly Lee Owens
    Not quite famous yet, Kelly seduces however all the curious during festivals. Her techno-pop lives, like the one at the Rush in Rouen last year, electrify the crowds with such an energy and an amazing rhythm. Impossible to leave the crowd without jumping, dancing, singing, sweating...
  • KiNK
    During his lives, the Bulgarian KiNK is a force of nature. Often compared to a "one-man band", the artist is an expert in mixing, while playing on his keyboard some crazy house melodies. Far from the cliché, if you see him on stage, you can be sure he's giving everything he's got.
    She is one of the rising stars of underground electro, and started attracting the greatest pop artists like Madonna or Lady Gaga.... The transgender producer mixes two universes with her crazy and futuristic lives where sounds are constantly distorted and remodelled. Let your imagination go wild as well, with your guess the song nights, and some crazy performances!
  • Fatima Yamaha
    The high-quality sound of Fatima Yamaha's live shows (author of the classic "What's A Girl To Do") is impressive and evidence of a great perfectionism. The Dutchman, actually named Bas Bron, is able to rock you to sleep with sweet melodies and then make you want to dance like crazy, with the crowd around you, the very next moment...
  • Laurent Garnier
    Some Frenchies made it to this top 10! Laurent Garnier is considered to be the father of French house and techno. At the age of 54, the DJ hasn't lost an ounce of energy and is still setting clubs all over the world on fire- not literally!
  • Mr. Oizo
    Another frog honours us on the international electro scene: the musician and filmmaker Quentin Dupieux! Known for his "Flat Beat" and his famous yellow puppet Flat Eric, the musician is also an outstanding performer who drives the crowds crazy with some sick beats... Play his music "Vous êtes des animaux" during your musical quiz nights and you'll see that it does the trick.
  • Kompromat
    Last one from our French selection, Kompromat is none other than the new duo Vitalic and Rebeka Warrior from Sexy Sushi. Their lives are a real tribute to Berlin techno: dark, powerful, joyful...intense!
  • Stephan Bodzin
    A bit like KiNK, Stephan Bodzin is an old soul of electro music. He masters not only the art of DJing, but he also releases powerful melodies from his Moog synthesiser, played on some ravaging beats. Ultimate respect here!
  • Four Tet
    It's always a pleasure to listen to the acclaimed Four Tet producer in concert. Between his world music and electronica sounds and his warm percussions, the artist makes us travel and dance at the same time. A great experience to discover also on an album, with his latest live album under the pseudo 4TLR.

We hope you've enjoyed this top 10 and that these videos will be broadcasted in the background for your next musical quiz nights... Hoping this will make you wait patiently for the next concerts and festivals you can go to!

And you, what are the best DJ's performances you have been to? Let us know more!!

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