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The right recipe for a music quiz is given by your friends

First of a first series of 10 articles devoted to musical quizzes, we will now take up "the basics", as our dear current French rap star Orelsan would say. Indeed, I'm not sure you know what's essential, so let's go!

A musical quiz can possibly be a solo activity, at home on a December evening, when it is too cold to go and listen to music in a park outside, but let's face it: it's better with friends. Invite your best friends, make a good dinner, open some good bottles, have a good meal and continue the evening in the warmth of your home. And there's nothing like a musical quiz to learn while having fun.

Your friends' accounts are a part of their musical identity that he delivers to you

Spotify caused a sensation a few weeks ago by offering its streamers a personalized summary of their listening, album and song preferences, all calculated in minutes of listening. I have friends who spent 25 days (25 days!) listening to the same album during the past year. These short descriptions of your friends' musical habits were of course intended to be published on the networks, commented and analysed by their group of friends. Well that's what you have to look at to prepare a good playlist for your future musical quizzes!

More than 40 million people worldwide have an Apple Music account and that's more than 100 million for Spotify. Did you want some data? There you go. Be inspired by your friends' music, make sure to bring together all of everyone's sensibilities in the choice of pieces for your musical quizzes! In addition to offering a variety of music genres, this will get them into the game.

Make your friends feel involved!

The secret of a successful music quiz is not so complicated to guess: each participant must find his or her benefit. So of course, if your friends all listen to the same kind of music, your research will be easier, but the competition will be even more intense between you! Notice, this will be an opportunity for everyone to discover little nuggets, to favour the "diggers", those people who spend hours and hours on musical platforms in order to find "THE" music or the artist with a few hundred views who stands out and to whom a great success is promised.

However, if your friends have different sensitivities, it is necessary for you to make the effort to represent them all. From "Au DD" (Second most listened to track of the decennial on Spotify!) to "La danse des guerriers" by Prokofiev, there is nothing more open-minded, and your guests will be even more surprised.

Be sure to announce: the quiz will be diversified!

It goes without saying that players must be aware of what will happen to them. Make them feel comfortable and keep their chakras open throughout the game: announce the color a little! The part and the musical genres will be very diversified but there will be something for everyone! If the gap between your friends' inspirations is too wide, be sure to find compromises. For example, if Antoine likes French variety and Juliette likes English Rock and Roll, you can add French Rock songs (Indochine, Noir Désir) to the quiz that will likely be known or appreciated by each of them.

A quiz is finally realized in all intelligence and you are the best placed to make it an ultra personalized composition and corresponding completely to the tastes of your friends. In addition, you should not hesitate to take time between each piece of the game to listen to various songs that are close to it and take the time to discover other artists. Indeed, the composition of your playlist will certainly delight your guests but also invite them to open up, to propose new things, to talk about them and their tastes, their latest musical experiences or the circumstances in which they discovered this or that piece! In short, take advantage of these moments to TALK MUSIC.

Once again, streaming platforms provide you with valuable information about the tastes of those around you, it would be silly not to take advantage of them!

To your songs! Are you ready? Go ! Go !

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