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The mythical albums of rock History for your musical quiz

Any great music fan will be delighted to play this kind of “Guess the Song” game. Rock is indeed one of the style of music which allowed music albums to become what they are today: objects, consistent with their own universe, sometimes telling a story - and no longer just simple collections of songs!

It is also a music genre that has brought together many artists perceived as legends, and initiated the pop star phenomenon. Musicians and singers sometimes causing hysteria (Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones...) or guitarists compared to living gods (Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Slash...).

Through a “Guess the Song” game of the most famous rock albums, it is therefore the whole History of modern music that can be retraced. SongTrivia offers you a fabulous dive into time, giving you some ideas of records and themes to organise with your friends, your own "rock albums" musical quiz!

Back to the future: a chronological musical quiz to understand the evolution of rock albums

That's one of the possibilities when you create a “Guess the rock song”. Invented at the end of the 40's and inspired by African-American music such as rhythm and blues, rock music survived through a large part of the 20th century, seen many evolutions and still greatly influences today's music. So it's a given when you want to give your quiz a historical kick!

Rock music first appeared in the United States as "rock and roll", with artists such as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. Even if records already existed at the time, we'll have to wait until the arrival of the so-called "surf music" (Beach Boys, etc.) and especially the "British Invasion" movement in England in the 60s, to see rock albums became more popular and turn into a real religion. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are clearly the best example of this English rock movement, but many other mythical bands like the Kinks or the Who could be named in your “Guess the Song” game!

These bands were so influential over the following decades that you will be able to trace the evolution of rock through many sub-genres like glam rock, punk or hard rock in the 70s, post-punk and new wave in the 80s, grunge or shoegaze for the 90s, up to indie rock in the 2000s with Is This It of the Strokes or the White Stripes... To summarise, there's plenty to do and you'll find loads of unforgettable albums!

Album covers recognisable among thousands, for a quiz as graphic as musical!

This is one of the reasons why those albums have been remembered for so long and have totally changed music History and pop culture. Those who lived through the great era of "classic rock" in the 60's and 70's will be able to testify, and all you have to do is go back into your parents' vinyl collection to be convinced. From Andy Warhol's iconic banana on the Velvet Underground's first album, to Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures and Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon: all those famous representations have been whipped up on t-shirts, put on walls and even tattooed - for the most committed fans! Many of them are also associated with Hipgnosis, a collective of graphic designers who created the most famous Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin album covers.

So you’ll be able to use this visual aspect to enhance your quiz with friends by asking questions regarding the covers, or you can just use them to set an atmosphere with a bit of decoration for your party. With the famous swimming baby  from Nevermind (Nirvana) or the Beatles crossing Abbey Road on your walls, you're sure to hit the spot with your guests!

The “concept album”: a key theme for your Guess the song game night on rock records

As we've seen earlier: the music album, as a unique and consistent object, is an invention of the 60s rock movement, which deeply influenced the whole industry. Since that time, ones no longer think of albums only as a compilation of singles. The order of the tracks and the fluidity of the music among them, is also very important.

Some records go even further as they are called "concept albums". These are stories comparable to novels, but told with music and in a certain chronological order. Then the record goes from an object of entertainment to a true cultural product, whose intellectual interest is recognised as the books'. To make a Guess the song game focusing on rock albums, one could, for example, dig into the famous Ziggy Stardust (story of an alien created by David Bowie), Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, Sgt. Pepper by the Beatles. Among these concept albums, some are even qualified as "rock operas", and can be turned into musical movies or even a musical, such as Tommy from The Who or The Wall from the Pink Floyd.

This is a good opportunity to test your friends' knowledge and see if they know the work of their favourite artists by heart... Or is it just music? Will they know, for example, the name of the hero described in American Idiot by Green Day?
And now, your turn to play… Let’s go for a Guess the rock albums party!

And now, your turn to play… Let’s go for a Guess the rock albums party!

Now you have all the cards in hand to create the perfect "legendary rock album" game that will please your music-loving friends! So plug in your speakers and put on your best leather jacket and dark glasses, to get into a rockstar kind of mood - for sure, the atmosphere will be electric... And as Joan Jett would say: "I love rock and roll"!

Feel free to share your best tracks or favourite artists in the comments, or simply tell us if you liked this article.

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