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[News]The Killers release a new album... and announce a new one for 2021!

You probably remember the Killers for their 2004 hits "Somebody Told Me" and "Mr. Brightside" from their first album Hot Fuss - which sold over 6 million copies! Although we don't hear so much about him on the radio anymore, the alternative rock band released a few days ago a 6th album, which was acclaimed by the critics.

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Not satisfied with this newfound success, the four Americans announce today a new opus, scheduled for spring 2021! It would indeed seem that the failure to tour following this Imploding the Mirage, due to the coronavirus, has allowed their leader to continue to compose.

"It's interesting not to go on tour and not have your mind cluttered by all this. I just got back to the piano. I was already exercising my 'muscles' as a composer, so a lot of the pieces came very naturally," Flowers told NME.

According to him, this next record could even "be better than this one. We can't wait to hear it!

The Killers : Imploding the Mirage
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