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The “Hip-hop Battle” Quiz: Kanye West VS Kendrick Lamar, clash of US rappers

The musical quiz, using our knowledge and speed, can awaken our most primal competitive instincts! It's a real fight that can be played between you and your friends to determine who will win the precious trophy. Especially when you know that there are some sore losers among the participants...

So why not stay competitive and turn the game into a real musical boxing fight? The hip-hop battle then becomes the perfect theme to light up your evening playing “Guess the song”. SongTrivia offers you the opportunity to confront two current rappers against each other, often considered as the two greatest of their time: Mr. Kendrick Lamar and the influential Kanye West!

Some “destroyer” songs for a raging musical quiz!

Who said “battle" means testosterone demonstration and ramp-up. Our two rappers clearly have some to spare! Kanye West literally named one of his tracks "Power", on his masterpiece My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, released in 2010. Paco Rabanne made no mistake when he used the track to illustrate the muscular ads for his perfume Invictus. It featured an olympic athlete making a sensational entrance into a stadium. But this is just one example among many, such as the sensational single "Black Skinhead" on the edgy Yeezus album.

On Kendrick's side, not too shabby neither with tracks like "Backseat Freestyle" or the most recent "DNA.", released on his album DAMN, which is real outburst of energy and rage. Alternating between him and Kanye, with tracks like those, will be enough to raise the temperature among the participants of your game. Be ready for some sparks!

Let's bring some ego mania in the game

There are some games like this one -where you don't like to lose! For some, it's a question of pride and a proof of their intellectual abilities. If it can sometimes annoy most of us, it can also be particularly funny to watch a cockfight between two friends. Taboo or Monopoly are a real treat for that!

This musical quiz can turn into a real laughter in this kind of situation. It's a good thing because hip-hop is full of ego fights, where rappers claim superiority over others and show excessive pride. Kendrick and Kanye are no exception! While Kendrick brags around in luxury cars and asks us to “sit down and be humble” in front of him in his song "Humble"; Kanye compares himself to a god in "I Am A God". You think he's joking, right? He actually says it himself in the media and already called himself "the best artist of all time"!

For each correct answer found during your musical quiz, Song Trivia suggests you to provoke (nicely!) your opponents and do a victory dance, your move... Ready to get into the ring?

All in one: the multiple-choice musical quiz!

Our game can bring an additional level, particularly interesting when it comes to dig into one's musical knowledge. With the famous tool of "sampling", where you borrow a sample from another song, we can push the difficulty of the musical quiz a little further, trying to find all the references included in the songs you are listening to!

What about adding some pressure and timing your answers? You will have to recognise as quickly as possible all (or some) of the samples used, trying to beat your opponent! With Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, there is no shortage of examples. The first one made it his trademark with hits like "Gold Digger" and his irresistible soul sample by Ray Charles, or "Stronger" which covers the robotic voices of Daft Punk in "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".

The samples used by Kendrick are less obvious because they've been remastered or they are less famous. We can, for example, mention the well-hidden reference to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" in "King Kunta". Up for the challenge?

Ending the game gently to calm the nerves

Rap isn't just about word fights, big cars and flashy jewellery. So let's end this battle in an softer note. With that in mind, we won't have any issue finding good songs in the repertoires of the two rappers, they repeatedly showed us a more sentimental side.

Kanye West, for example, has released the superb ballad "Runaway" on his piano or numerous gospel rap tracks such as the touching "Ultralight Beam". On another hand, Kendrick surprised everyone with the love song "LOVE ME" on his latest album.

These songs will take the pressure off and bring a touch of brotherhood and comfort at the end of your party. After all, even after a merciless fight in the arena to win this musical quiz, the most important thing is to participate and have a good time with your friends!

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