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The crooners, those cute kids...

I always imagined myself as a crooner, a bit like Ryan Gosling in Lalaland, but not in jazz, without piano and with a microphone. Okay, so not at all like Ryan Gosling in Lalaland, but you know what I mean. So I wanted to be a crooner, that guy (or girl) who immediately attracts attention, with a smooth and excessively exciting voice for whoever hears it, who tells you a rather banal story but with a grain that makes you fall hard in love (in this case Emma Stone in Lalaland, I wouldn't have ignored it like that if I had been in Gosling's place.... Okay, I'm done with Lalaland).

The Crooners Story

In short, crooners have created and developed a rather original musical genre, based more or less on speech, accompanied by jazzy, sometimes bluesy notes. From Bing Crosby to Frank Sinatra to Michael Bublé, you'll have plenty to do with American crooners. The arrival of American crooners in the world of recording and performing in America and elsewhere, and their dazzling success, you have to go back to the end of the 20s, to America, that is to say the arrival of radio in homes.

With the microphone, the voice of the announcer and the singer became softer. The first "Crooners", from Bing Crosby to Russ Colombo, seduced young listeners with an intimate, personal and sung conversation. The next generation (from Sinatra to Dean Martin) will learn the lessons of the voice on swing and this classy way of singing will become the sign of talent for all the great Crooners, from the world of jazz, soul or variety. Today the neo-Crooners " bear the name of Harry Connick Junior, Michael Bublé, jamie Cullum. So from Frank Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon to Ella Fitzgerald's Desafinado, don't leave out any references. The quiz must be representative of the diversity of this style!

Make your own special crooners playlist!

Well, we've just mentioned a few names, and not the least of them: Frank Sinatra please! Apart from his rather dubious relationship with the New York mafia - he is accused, in a recent biography, of having transported funds for them - Frank Sinatra is nonetheless a great performer, as the song New York, New York, originally performed by Liza Minnelli and used in Martin Scorsese's 1977 eponymous film, shows. You may also know him for his interpretations of the greatest Christmas hits or for Fly Me to The Moon, later covered by a modern crooner, Michael Bublé.

In short, take Frank Sinatra, take Dean Martin, take Ella Fitzgerald and make musical quizzes while relaxing with friends, cigars on your lips, good whisky or good cognac (or Armagnac, we salute the Gers). The blind test can be made up of all these artists or bring together artists of one and the same generation.

Make sure you are with people with whom you want to have real adventures - friendly, loving, sexual, food, whatever you want in short - because crooners are people you listen to on a journey through the night. Don't be surprised to find yourself 50 km from home, in the middle of a village square, happily seated on pink wrought-iron chairs painted by the owner.

Ideas for titles!

To start your cigar, a classic "Fly Me to the Moon", to set off this musical quiz. It's effective, it's beautiful and well done, and you'll enjoy listening to it. The Way You Look tonight : Sinatra ? Tony Bennett ? Whoever finds it wins double points. Once someone has found the answer to this one, make sure to dance with your partner in Springtime hugs. The transition is all set for the next one: Magic Moments, by the great Perry Como. What a coherent world! This time make sure you keep your partner a little longer and blow the answer in the crook of the ear. You're on the verge of taking out the cameras and making a musical. All Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise have to do is behave! The break-up is anticipated, too quickly unfortunately: by listening to Dean Martin, Return to me, you sink, even before its beginning, in the end of your idyll, this moment when the two lovers don't know that they did well to separate. Come on, you'd do well to take a little spiral of love again!

And that's it, four songs and a lifetime have gone by. But don't stop there, a lot of crooners are still to be discovered. I'm only here to make you want to play thanks to them, to compose your playlists, to concoct your musical quizzes, to make the blind-test tinkle. The day you'll understand that, my children, it will be hot.

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