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Summer hits: Latino songs to have in your music quiz

With their dancing and exotic rhythms, latino and hispanic songs are often associated with the sun, the white sand and the sea... No coincidence that many of them are released during the summer or near the holidays, in order to punctuate the travels of tourists all over the world.

Well-oiled marketing tricks which, for some artists, only aim at a single hit - ephemeral but lucrative! Unlike long-term popular singers such as Shakira, others have clearly assumed a lightweight and "lame" side on their latino songs, to be listened to for a season in every campsite in Europe, and sometimes even beyond…

As the month of July has just begun and the heat wave is about to kick in, SongTrivia thought of you and offers you a recollection of summer songs to listen to again during the next couple of months. This will give you the basics to organise a game of “Guess the latino summer hit, to chill by the pool, enjoying some good laughs with your friends, under the sun... Caliente!

From Andalusia to Latin America, Spanish is a must for your pool party

If English is usually the main language used for pop music, during the summer, Spanish becomes the universal language (pretty close though)! Even today, latin songs are still popular, especially with the recent hits "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee in 2017, "Loco Contigo" by DJ Snake and J Balvin, or the songs of the beautiful Camila Cabello, like her duet with Shawn Mendes, "Señorita". The last two created a real buzz when they were released in June 2019. All those tracks follow a similar pattern to the 90s and 2000s latin hits, out by summer to guarantee their massive success with the crowd.

With such titans of pop music (worthy successors of Shakira), lining up hits all year round, we are far from the assumed kitsch aspect of the "one-hit wonders" of the previous decades. You know, talking here about all those singers with their catchy songs, which we've only heard about once in our lives, but we'll definitely never forget them!

These are the ones we're interested in for our musical quiz theme and you'll see, looking back at your summer memories, that Spanish music was already omnipresent in the musical landscape...

Take care of the atmosphere and stick to the summer vie of latino hits

We invite you to play a wee latino music quiz with your friends on a sunny day! You might as well take advantage of the summer to organise a pool party.

With a well-designed playlist, you'll feel like you're going back to the camp, remember those holidays in the South of France?  "Yakalelo" by Nomads, released in 1998, "La Bomba" by King Africa (2000) or "La Camisa Negra" by Juanes in 2005, those are some of the hits that will make their effect on your audience. The name of the song is quite easy to find but can you identify the singer? Not too sure about that...

One more proof, unfortunately for them, that these songs are often better known than their performers!

To go with the music, don't hold back on the exotic atmosphere for your party. We would advise you to take out the inflatable flamingos, unicorns or alligators, up to you! Many brands also offer "waterproof" Bluetooth speakers, to get the entire team in the mood!

As your friends will probably spend a lot of energy dancing and swimming, you should also provide them with something to sustain them. Take them on a trip from Spain to Latin America with some tapas (tortillas, etc.) and fresh nibbles like guacamole. And to match all of that, there's nothing like a good cocktails: Mojito or Caipirinha?  But be careful: drink responsibly by the pool!

Finally, this partying environment can also enhance the gaming experience. What would you say if the loser of each round had to do a dare, such as jumping in the pool fully dressed? The smartest of you will already have thought of dare involving alcohol ay? None of our business, but you should know that "bottoms up" can be called "hidalgo" in Spanish... Just saying...

No latin music quiz without dancing!

Of course, you won't need to learn flamenco, salsa or tango, but when it comes to some Spanish and latino hits, dancing is almost inevitable!

Several artists already thought of everything, accompanying their hit with a choreography (usually very simple), to make the audience dance. A good way to be broadcast everywhere during summer. You will have the choice between the "Lambada" of the Brazilian group Kaoma, released in 1989 and covered in 2011 by Jennifer Lopez for her hit "On The Floor" but also  the "Macarena" from Los del Rio (1996), choreographed by Mia Frye, or "Aserejé" from Las Ketchup, which for your information, reached number 1 in 26 countries in July 2002!

This is only a brief overview of what the latino summer hits have to offer us for our “Guess the Song” game, and you will probably find other songs relative to this theme, which could be perfectly suitable like "Sur Un Air Latino" by Lorie, "Mambo No. 5" by Lou Bega or "Ai se eu te pego", by Michel Teló.

In terms of decoration and entertainment, let your imagination run wild! But at Song Trivia’s, we're pretty curious... What would add to the dances and exotic food fest?  A piñata?

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