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[News]Snoop Dogg launches its brand of gin cocktail!

An amazing information has just been published on Snoop Dogg's Instagram: the American rapper is launching his own brand of gin!

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Called "Indoggo", the alcohol was created in collaboration with the company Trusted Spirits, which makes wines and spirits for brands or influencers. Indoggo is supposed to represent "the casual Californian style", and is directly "inspired by its 1994 single "Gin and Juice"," reports NME.

"Gin and Juice" speaks of "beautiful sensations and good times," explains the artist. "I wanted to bring these sensations back to life, with an arranged gin, soft as "D.O. Double G". "To achieve this, it took 2 years of conception. The drink contains juniper, orange, coriander, cassia, iris root and angelica seed, infused "in natural ingredients such as strawberry and lemon. ยป

By 2018, Snoop Dogg had already shown us his passion for gin, creating the world's largest arranged gin - a Guinness Book record!

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