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RnB US Queens: the great voices that have shaped women's RnB

Aretha, Whitney, Mariah, Alicia, Queen B, Riri, ... the 90s, then 2000, saw the emergence on stage of a handful of great-voiced singers, having shaped women's RnB in the United States. Voices, song lyrics, commitments, messages: as true Queens, they have each left their mark on the history of RnB. Try to recognize them in our “Guess the Song” US RnB Queens.

RnB music quiz: Do you know RnB US Queens?

It mixes rhythm and blues, soul, hip-hop and even pop and funk: RnB is a unique musical genre. To celebrate this mix, we have created a “guess the song” Queens of RnB, US version. You'll find the most beautiful voices of the genre, with big bass and hot synths.

For the record: RnB, which originated in urban Afro-American music, first appeared in the 80s, before becoming much more popular in the 90s. In 2000, it's a predominant musical genre. For us, it was unthinkable not to integrate a RnB musical quiz into our platform !

If at the beginning, RnB songs could pass for Rap, RnB finally built its own identity, inspired by soul and gospel music. Today, it's sometimes the opposite with rap tracks using RnB style music ! Initially created for dancing, RnB often tells love stories in the form of ballads. It has also enabled a whole generation of female singers to express themselves and speak out on a variety of subjects, particularly in the United States.

The Queens of RnB US: using her voice for "Girl Power"

Originally, the phenomenon known as "Girl power" is associated with the "riot girl", a feminist musical movement of the early 90s. The idea? Female singers gathered to defend women's rights and campaign for equal civil and political rights between men and women. Another aspect of "girl power" is based on the search for freedom and autonomy in one's decisions and lifestyle.

It also represents the growing advance of women's rights, mainly in Western society. To pay tribute to this phenomenon, and to continue to make it exist, go to one of our “guess the song” dedicated to RnB. There you will find the greatest voices of US women's RnB.

Let's not be afraid of words, for many, the female voices of RnB are strong, free and independent women's voices. It's up to you to recognize them!

More than RnB Queens, legends!

In our “guess the songRnB Queens, it's impossible not to talk about 2 queens, or even 2 legends!

The supreme icon, Aretha Franklin raised soul music to a level never reached before in 1960. The singer, composer and performer simply had a magical voice, and each of her songs was an immediate success. She drew a lot of inspiration from gospel music and was soon nicknamed the "Queen of Soul".

A little later, in 1985, another singer made her debut: With a powerful single, and a voice spanning four octaves, Whitney Houston is nicknamed "The Voice". She was immediately propelled to star status and recorded numerous hits, including the soundtracks to the films Bodyguard, “Où sont les hommes ?” and “La Femme du Pasteur”. Her gospel and pop influences helped define a new style: RnB.

Queens since the 90s

Since the 1990s, RnB is booming, allowing more and more new female voices to express themselves.
Mariah Carey enters the US RnB scene with an exceptional voice. Since the 90's, she has been creating hits, and although she is sometimes considered old school in recent years, she has proven more than once that she can come back even stronger in the scene.

The same goes for Mary J. Blige: after being spotted in a gospel choir in 1992, she evolves in the world of RnB and grace us with her powerful and granular tenor voice. She draws her inspiration from soul and hip-hop, earning her the nickname "Queen of Hip-Hop and Soul". She often claims to feel a strong connection with her female audience, with whom she can be found on tracks such as Real Love, My Life or Be Without You.
The 90s also brought a young singer, Aaliyah, into the light. First produced by R. Kelly, she then collaborated with Timbaland and Missy Elliott. She sold more than 8 million records in the United States! Unfortunately, her tragic death put an end to her career, at only 22 years old.

A little later, it is Beyoncé who rocks on the RnB stage. She is undoubtedly the greatest artist of her generation, nicknamed "the Queen". After her group debut (with Destiny's Child), Queen B went on to launch a solo career. And all those who have seen her live will agree with us: she never ceases to surpass herself and to surprise, as much by her vocal abilities, her style, her albums, the messages she conveys and the commitments she makes.
Beyoncé is often pitted against Rihanna: with over 100 million singles sold, Rihanna is also the queen of her kingdom. She is often placed at the top of the album sales and listening charts, and is especially appreciated for her "street" side, an other aspects not much developed by the other Queens of the US RnB.

Finally, it is inconceivable not to include Alicia Keys in our “Guess the SongQueens of RnB US: with 5 albums and 15 Grammys, Alicia Keys is a queen of RnB, if not already a legend. Her powerful voice is known worldwide, as well as her talent to play multiple musical instruments. She often accompanies herself on the piano and doesn't always need her band to show off her golden voice.

After this little tour of the Queens of the RnB US, you have all the cards in hand to take our dedicated “Guess the song” test and recognize the greatest voices of the queens of this musical genre. Do you already have chills? So do we, let’s go !

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