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Queens of Pop of the last decade: Guess the song special new female pop stars

With the development of social networks and YouTube videos seen millions (if not billions) of times, the pop stars of the 2010s created unprecedented buzz in the History of music. Often reporting their daily lives on Instagram or Snapchat, the new “pop queens” are now closer than ever to their huge fanbase - the “little monsters”, as Lady Gaga likes to call them! - and their influence is touching more and more people.

Sometimes dressed on stage as in their video clips, in spectacular outfits, the pop singers fascinate the public as much by their music as by their look. Song Trivia invites you to dive into their fantasy world by taking a quick look at the most dazzling and influential personalities of the moment. Everything to give you ideas for your own "Queens of pop" Guess the song Party!

Hit makers for your Guess the song special pop

Who says pop, says popular! If, now, the term is used for a very broad style of music, which includes even less known titles, the image of pop is still carried by famous artists. From this point of view, the 2010s were rich in media phenomenon, especially when it comes to female artists

“Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande or “Skake It Off” by Taylor Swift and “Roar” by Katy Perry, which both culminate at 3 billion views on Youtube: those melodies are in everyone's head and made a real buzz! This may not be very difficult to recognize during your “Guess the song” game organized with your friends, but they are clearly essentials when talking about queens of pop.

To add an extra difficulty, it may be interesting to ask participants the names of albums or the years of release... You'll see this game is not as easy as it seems!

"If I Was A Rich Girl": A musical quiz worth a lot!

You can't talk about success without talking about money! Not too proud with releasing some of the most popular songs on the planet, the pop queens of the 2010s also earned huge fortunes, placing them among the most powerful people in the world.

Beyond the sales of their albums, those real businesswomen have also been able to take advantage of their notoriety by appearing in very profitable advertising campaigns. For example, in the world of pop and R’n’B, Rihanna and Beyoncé have entered the top 3 of the richest singers in the world, the first one having a fortune estimated around 600 million dollars – even before Madonna!

The newer pop stars shouldn't be ashamed of their empires neither: singers like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift or even Miley Cyrus (already well paid for her role in Hannah Montana when she was a teenager), reach the top 10 - from 150 to over 300 million dollars in their bank account.

As Queen B. would say: "Who run the world? Girls! "

Authors, composers and performers: complete artists for a 100% “Girl Power” musical quiz!

The term "Pop star" doesn't necessarily mean "marketing product "! Many new pop queens are multi-talented artists who write and/or compose their own songs. Enough to keep the haters quiet who think their success is due to luck or favoritism!

Among these brilliant artists, who owe their notoriety only to their work and their creativity, we can for example name Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa or Sia. This last one has produced an impressive series of hits in a short amount of time: from her duet with David Guetta to the timeless “Chandelier” (more than 2 billion views), which I'm sure most will be delighted to listen to during a guess the song party. Moreover, even composers with more melancholic songs can be successful. The diva Adele, and her heartbreaking “Someone Like You” or “Rolling In The Deep”, are the perfect example!

On another side, with independent pop, some artists are doing quite well with interesting compositions, and manage to attract general public attention. Charli XCX was for example on everyone's mind a few years back with “Boom Clap” and “Break The Rules”. Canadian singer Grimes was praised by critics for her albums Visions and the very pop and catchy Art Angels; she even became Jay-Z's little protégé - not to mention her husband Elon Musk, billionaire and owner of Tesla! Finally, the youngest, to meet a colossal success over the last few years, is of course Billie Eilish, who despite her disturbing and very "artsy" universe, created a real tidal wave in the US with her first album. “Bad guy”, best-selling single of 2019 on internet, was also voted “Song of the year” at the Grammys!

Pop queens in disguise, in an ultra-fashion musical quiz

What would a queen be without a “dress” worthy of the name? The look of some pop stars, especially when it's extravagant, fascinates fans. Through their clothes, they express their artistic universe beyond their music. Some even become true inspiration of the fashion world, and very often muses to the greatest creators (Madonna for Jean-Paul Gaultier, Grimes with Stella McCartney…).

Therefore we can push the idea of the game a little further with a "cosplay" quiz, where each guest should dress up as their favorite pop star! Between Lady Gaga's extravagant outfits, Grimes' improbable hair colors and make-up, Sia's giant flowing wig or Billie Eilish's neon green streetwear clothes, the parade will be colorful!

And now let's play the long-awaited "Queens of Pop" Guess the song game ... Let's go and "shine bright like a diamond"!

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