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Open up the perspectives and try electro!

Okay, I know what you're gonna do. You see the word "Electro" in the title and you are projected into the compact, sweaty, hot and dancing crowd of Tomorrowland or the Ultra Music Festival, whose European version is taking on a major importance, at the great expense of the Croatian people, whom we allow ourselves to greet from our couch. Let me tell you something: you're right, except that these festivals also offer equally enjoyable Techno programming.

Anyway, that's not my point. In this article, we're going to talk about Electro in your musical quizzes, in your blind tests, in your lives and, let me say it, electro will be as present in your life of musical experience as the glitter in Kevin's life.

What is electro?

Still stigmatised today, electro is not only reserved for big party people and nightclubbers. This musical style has a very atypical history, which we will talk about in a future article. So of course everyone knows the French DJ David Guetta or Martijn Garritsen, alias Martin Garrix, a young Dutch electro prodigy, but few people actually know the real pope of electro: the French Jean-Michel Jarre.

The word electro is actually a reduction for "Electro funk" or "Electro boogie". It therefore refers to a musical genre whose average rhythm is between 120 and 150 BPM (Beats per minute): we might as well tell you that we're far from restaurant jazzmen. The style is part of the decline of disco music in the 1970s and is based on the use of a drum machine. We're not going to give you a history lesson, but understand that between that and today's electro house, there's a big step.

Make your playlists

Daft Punk, Kavinsky (mentioned in another article for the music that introduces the film Drive), Jean-Michel Jarre, Major Lazer, Justice, Massive Attack, Aphex Twin: so many relatively different styles that put France in the spotlight. The best way to listen to them and to "play" with them is the following: organize a party, prepare your playlist with your friends, and put in random. Without taking the time to perfectly organize the game like you would have prepared a dinner aperitif with your family and your in-laws, just dance, find the sounds that pass by as quickly as possible, shout out their names and performers just as quickly, and keep track of everyone's points on a piece of paper that I imagine is already soaked with the Negroni that you prepared just five minutes ago.

Around the World, everyone will have it, go a bit further, not too much otherwise electronic music will return to its late 19th century foundation: electronic sounds that are a bit boring to listen to. Go look in the commercial: what I'd like to listen to is the "Love is gone" of David Guetta's debut in a club today, remember that clip where a Hiroshima be-bom serves in an American restaurant and does anything, intoxicated by the - not so sweet - sound of David Guetta. We were fine at that time, it will bring back everyone's good memories.

In short, of course, we shouldn't stop at David Guetta. You have to look a little further, a little less rare to perfect your playlists and your pseudo-blind tests of evenings with friends. As for what's more modern, a French band in full rise, whose evolution we all expect to see, The Blaze, offers an interesting derivative to electro, nicknamed by the main interested parties "Electro emotional". Perfect clips accompany fairly high-pitched sounds, perfect for afternoons with friends.

Don't hesitate to digest songs, I'm here to talk to you, but I can't do the work for you. When you've understood that, it'll be fine.


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