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Old french RnB musical quiz for your party with friends!

Theirs texts speak about feelings, they have sensual voices and use hot rhythms… Stars of the RnB, between the years 1990 and 2010, they offered us two beautiful decades of music. To remember of this good period, we had compiled the best titles of french RnB in an old quiz musical version. Ready for a jump in the past ?

Beginnings of RnB in France

usical movement imported from USA, the RnB slowly starts to be known in France in the 90’S. It breaks away from the hip-hop wave to form a hybrid current, more melodious, more sung, with rhythms to sway.

Sur MTV, Star Club or Hit Machine, we discover these RnB artists who, for some of them, have known glory as suddenly as disillusionment and anonymity afterwards. The RnB is also represented by singers with sensual voices. The men are in baggies and XXL t-shirts, with or without gold chains, and have that image of Prince Charming that melts the fans' hearts, while the women are very stylish and cultivate images of strong and independent women.

This is the case of Ophelie Winter, who broke through in 1995 with her title "God gave me faith". The song hit all the radios and TVs, becoming the first French representation of RnB! On the lyrical side, RnB songs deal mainly with feelings of love: meeting, perfect love, break-up, betrayal,... all the subjects around love are covered. It is also in this respect that RnB differs from rap: it is softer, the lyrics less raw and the harmonies smoother. With lyrics which are often too abrupt, hip-hop and rap fail to really explode with the general public, despite being very popular genres among young people.

Following in the footsteps of american producers (link to article Gil Blind test "nostalgia": RnB US Stars of the 2000s), French labels are now using female singers categorised as "RnB" to "soften" the tracks. By placing their voices on the choruses, they help the audience discover less hardcore songs, often turning them into hits.

A split finally win-win for the 2 musical styles: rap, more tempered, becomes more bankable, while RnB turns into a musical genre in its own right which has found its audience.We let you discover this in our "old-fashioned" French Rnb musical quiz!

The golden age of RnB in France and the strong presence of women

Around the year 2000, it became almost impossible to find a rap album without the slightest "RnB style" chorus: almost every rapper would welcome an RnB singer on at least one track on their album.

If technically the French RnB already has little to do with American Rhythm and Blues, it is booming in the hexagon. RnB, which is based on the codes of rap, mixes various influences, including hip-hop.

And after having served as a stooge for the rappers, the French RnB singers emancipated themselves. At the beginning of the 2000s, each record company put forward "its" RnB singer, whose songs were bludgeoned on all the big radio stations. Who doesn't remember Leslie and her single "Le bon choix", released just after her appearance on the TV show "Graine de star"?

Or Wallen, the uncontested queen of French RnB and nicknamed "Princess of French RnB"? With lyrics advocating tolerance and love, and melodies inspired by Aaliyah (link to article Queens from RnB US), the singer launched her career in 2001 and immediately found a loyal public.

Without falling into lightness (for her lyrics as well as for her look!), the singer of "Donna" and "L'olivier" recorded 3 albums, mixing RnB, hip-hop and funk, before moving away from RnB in 2008. Today, she regularly collaborates with the rapper Abd Al Malik who is her husband.

The singer Kayna Samet, who has a similar background, did a featuring with Booba in 2002 on the song "Destinée", before teaming up with IAM for the song "Nous" in 2003. Her album “Entre je” is the exclusif work of her compositions (music and lyrics), a dark urban album highlighting her haunting voice, often compared to Mary J. Blige! (link to RnB US Queens article).
Impossible also not to include Vitaa in our old-fashioned French RnB musical quiz: the Belgian singer, propelled into the limelight after her feat with Diam's, "Confessions Nocturnes", has released 5 albums, the last one in 2017.

The French RnB the old-fashioned way, an RnB as masculine

After the craze of the 90s for RnB, the 2000s are also very rich in musical creations.Male artists from all walks of life joined this current, such as Sully Sefil (who inspired the artists BigFlo and Oli (link to article BigFlo and Oli) or Willy Denzey, who released his single "Le mur du son", after having sung a few tracks on Leslie's first album and before making numerous collaborations with more rap artists such as La Fouine or Diam's.

The year 2000 also saw the appearance of the phenomenon group Tragédie, made up of two singers. Their song "Hey Oh" was a huge hit in France and Belgium (over 700 copies sold!), and catapulted the group to the ranks of RnB stars.

In 2003, the RnB boom year in France, young Matt Pokora made a name for himself on the Popstar show on M6. After a lawsuit brought by Matt Houston, another great figure of French RnB, who accused him of having a stage name too close to his own, Matt Pokora was forced to change his name and opted for M.Pokora. His first album will be gold record (remember the song "Elle me contrôle"?), and the singer will then gradually abandon RnB to turn to pop instead.

UFO in the RnB environment, Corneille is an artist of Rwandan origin. With an album relating his childhood, the war in Rwanda and other various themes, but always accessible texts, Corneille is a leading artist in the RnB world. It is often said that he has broadened the vision of urban music for the general public! Very committed too, he mixes RnB and hip-hop influences, before turning more recently to variety.

Why an "old-fashioned" French RnB musical quiz?

At the end of the 2000s, French RnB, a distant cousin of rap since its beginnings, was experiencing a slowdown. While rap was regaining a prominent place and getting tougher (it was the era of Rohff, Dadoo, 113, Sniper, etc.), RnB was a genre in decline. Moreover, the autotune (voice corrector) allows rappers to soften their lyrics, without using the sweet voices of RnB singers.

RnB is gradually disappearing from the media radar: although many artists have added their touch to RnB, they are no longer part of this musical landscape. To pay tribute to them, and also to remember a little bit our youth (we're not going to lie to ourselves), we wanted to create an old-fashioned French RnB musical quiz.

We hope you enjoyed this little trip into old-fashioned RnB sounds. Don't hesitate to test your knowledge (and your memory of the lyrics!) by playing our Old Fashioned French RnB Musical Quiz! What will be your score?

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