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Music quiz around Latino music : is your latin knowledge is update?

This music found its roots in central and south America. It is full of rhythm and warmth. Latin music stand for sun, relaxation, and dance. Discover our brand new Latin Culture blind test: all current Latin famous are in, your turn to find them out!

Latin music origins for your Latino music quiz

Its rhythms come from Mexico, Central America and Spanish west indies, and more other Latin American countries… Latin music is harmonious with various cultures. However, its origin remains unclear, because, the concept of Latin music can also be found in western Europe, in countries like Spain and even in Italy.

In Europe, french type music and Roumanian are excluded from that musical group, therefore from our “Latin” category… Latin Music gathers European instruments and more specific instruments from Latin-American culture (charango, quena, bongo…) as well as Brazilian percussion instruments and traditional instruments like zamponas. By the way, we also notice in Latin music Andean rhythms (pre-hispanic origin) and music called “tropical”, whose rhythms are more likely to handle its root from Africa: Jamaïcan Music, Haiti, Guadeloupe or Martinique. In Mexico, the most popular Latin music is without hesitation mariachi, made out of violins, guitars, trumpets, and vihuelas instruments. In Colombia, Cumbia is traditional music, based on African rhythms from XVII century.  After traditional instruments, drums, and flute, this music turns today into a more Urban style. In Latin America, every country has it’s own dance: tango, rumba, salsa. In Argentine, tango is sensual and enchanting, while Brasil with it’s Bossa Nova is world wild known. Nowadays, bossa nova gathers diverse cultures, from African-brazil, European to Cuban. Bossa Nova can be sung, dances into the street, leading by energizing percussions.

In conclusion, we cannot forget to speak about Cuba and its Latin-American music which has an influence over all American continent in the XX century. If Salsa, is the highlighted music on the Island, we can also find brass instruments from American Jazz or Rumba percussion instruments.

Latin music: to dance all summer leading by sun tempo

¡Viva Latino!
Each summer, millions of people in the world dances and sways their hips, while listening to Latin rhythms… Caliente! Its music style is actually often associated with summer, warmth, sun, and vacation, or relaxations…

Lyrics are often in Spanish, Portuguese (sometimes inf English or French), and its rhythms will lead you to dance. Often poetic, sometimes engaged, Latin music lyrics are perfect for summer. You would not be able to stop yourself singing during the Latin culture music quiz. Its mixe tradition and modernity, humor and engagement, energy, and impertinence. It is also a lot about love, summer meetings, feelings… Onto rhythms influence by reggae, reggaeton, world music, and time to time by religious songs.

If Latin music and dance cannot be separate, it is because they are two arts which compose Latin culture: you are thought to dance from your early childhood, to express your body language, and dance till the end of the night without feeling tiredness. It has been also said that Latins dances, like bachata, rumba, are made for lovers of love. A characteristic frequently finds in Latin countries. Latin dance is as well gentle and rhythmic. Without falling into popular clichés, we can easily say it well corresponds to lovers for sensual and warm music. Primarily to couples who will get closer along with the dance.

Currents Famous people of Latin music

They are all in our Latin music quiz. The most famous Latino stars will make your move, dance, and scream with family or friends as to be the first to find the music title or artist singing it. Do you like Colombian music? perfect, the country has numerous singers and composers of Latin music. Of course, Shakira was few times elected as “the best Latin feminine artist” is certainly the first artist who comes into your mind. Her songs, Pop Latin, and world music cannot be overlooked and will not miss making you move your body.

So, are you more Merengue, oriental dance, or tango? Along with her, you will discover again Karol G, Trap Latin and reggaeton singer who appear into “X-Factor TV show”, or else Maluma, a reggaeton singer-songwriter who mixe Urban music, hip-hop, R&B, Trap… And, rest assured, J Balvin is also part of our Latin quiz: it’s reggaeton song’s, essentially in Spanish are worldwide known especially after collaboration with Pharell Williams, Major Lazer, Sean Paul, or even Ariana Grande.

It is not possible to forget Puerto-Ricans stars: Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Don Omar. With various paths (Don Omar began for example as a gospel singer into his city church), all three artists gather today by reggaeton music. Although they mix pop Latino, R&B, or more recently, electronic music, those singers are considered as reggaeton kings.  We rely on you not to confuse them along with our music quiz.

You will also be able to notice Nicky Jam voice, one of the pioneers of reggaeton. He has received recently the Latin Grammy Awards for “Best Urban performance” along with Enrique Iglesias, and he has sung with J Balvin. On the Dominican side, singer, rapper, and DJ Juan Magan is also in our Latin blind test. Careful, he used to mixe Latin sound with hip-hop, electronic, RnB, dancehall, and house. You will certainly find him in several blind test groups.

You certainly believed we will conclude without Spanish artists? Of course not! Enrique Iglesias and his Spanish pop delight us with his smooth voice. The artist has begun is a career and his today one of the most famous artists from Latin America. 60 million albums sold and more than 40 single sold worldwide, this well deserves to be included in our Latin music quiz, does it?

Of course, its list is not exhaustive, we will soon present a new Latin artist to party! While waiting for it, let summer arrive sooner and discover our Latin Culture music quiz!

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