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Love in Paris: A quiz on French songs

Are you a fan of Paris? For you, the real artists are those who sing, write and compose? Then our blind test French songs, with the most beautiful songs about Paris should please you! Let's go for romance, under the Parisian sky.

Guess the French song, or when the French sing their love for Paris

Does French song thrill you? The beautiful lyrics, the catchy melodies of the greatest voices of our century carry you away? Our music quiz on Songtrivia will fill you up!

Among the treasures gathered in this musical quiz, it was unthinkable for us not to include Edith Piaf. A monument to French chanson, the singer is the author of numerous classics, evoking love ("La vie en rose") but also Paris, its streets ("La foule"), its bals musettes and cabarets ("Milord").

At the same time, Joséphine Baker also sang of her love for Paris. After arriving from the United States, the American singer gradually distanced herself from her native country. The singer - and dancer - loved Paris. The city of love is an integral part of her history, her claims and her freedom.

Indeed, artists have always loved Paris, and love in Paris: they often fall in love there, sometimes encounter disappointment before finding happiness again... Sometimes on ballad tunes ("La Romance à Paris" by Charles Trénet for example, written in the middle of the World War to entertain Parisian hearts), sometimes on more serious tunes, as with Jacques Brel singing "un regard qui reçoit / la tendresse du monde / Et c'est Paris tes yeux" in "Les prénoms de Paris".

And then some people take advantage of the role of observer, like Georges Brassens when he watches the "amoureux qui se bécotent sur les bancs publics" ("lovers snogging on the public benches")...

While singers and composers often put Paris in the spotlight in their creations, they particularly like to describe and recount the life of "their" neighbourhood, like Charles Aznavour when he talks about his bohemian life in the artists' district of Montmartre. Others take advantage of the occasion to honour a particular neighbourhood or street: who has never heard of the famous Champs-Elysées, nicknamed "the most beautiful avenue in the world", thanks in particular to Joe Dassin's song? Or the prostitutes of Pigalle with Serge Lama's humorous and lighter song?

All of them as much as they are, these artists that we have grouped together in our musical quiz French Songs have at one time or another paid tribute to Paris during their careers. Paris, capital of love, culture and the performing arts, which has welcomed and inspired so many beautiful creations...

From French chanson to French variety

In addition to these classics and must-haves of our century, we wanted to slightly mix the eras in our blind test Chansons françaises, about Paris.

For example, we included the duo Vanessa Paradis and -M-, interpreting the soundtrack of the animated film "Un monstre à Paris", for a rare tribute to the capital's river. It's a more contemporary song, but still well represents French song.

To experience the thrills associated with true love songs, one (or more!) of Véronique Sanson's songs are included in the musical quiz. With numerous songs composed by Michel Berger, one can only feel strong emotions and find oneself in these tender and moving lyrics. The French variety is soft and poetic... Moreover, the group Louise Attaque have made Parisian parties famous with their eponymous song, Louise Attaque. It's impossible for us to miss this group!

Finally, in a completely different genre, we've included Thomas Dutronc's song "J'aime plus Paris" in our musical quiz french song in Paris.  This song, more provocative than slanderous, will make many people smile. And will it be the one you'll be the first to recognise?!

Paris, the city of love

All over the world, Paris is the symbol of France, and the city of lovers.

An open-air museum city, Paris is a city where you can do many activities considered "romantic": walks on the banks of the Seine, following in the footsteps of the lost artists who loved Paris so much, strolls in the parks and gardens (to enjoy the public benches), visits to old museums, cruises on the bateaux-mouches, restaurants with cosy and gentle atmospheres, celebrating French gastronomy... Paris has everything of a postcard!

Its monuments are exceptional and often mysterious, and its light contributes to the ideal and dream setting for all romantic tourists. Hence the nickname "city of love", an image that Paris maintains. Proof of this is the numerous wedding proposals that take place here every year!

Art and love songs in Paris

But this romantic aspect is also a cultural and artistic heritage:

  • First in literature, with Rousseau, Hugo, Musset, ...
  • Then with its architecture and lifestyle ;
  • Then via the cinema: Amélie Poulain (more than 30 million admissions in cinemas worldwide!), Minuit à Paris (a film directed by the American Woody Allen) or the films of Cédric Klapisch.

Over the years, the music industry has also been involved in creating, and maintaining, this image of the "city of love": Trenet, Piaf, Brel, Dassin... all have sung about their love for Paris and/or told the love stories they have experienced in the city of lovers.

There is no doubt that the singers of the last 100 years have created this reputation in Paris: a chic, elegant city, capital of fashion and art... where it is good to live, walk, sing and love! It's up to you: our blind test Paris contains 100% French songs. Will you be able to recognize them?

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