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[News]Kendrick Lamar, accused of plagiarism for his single with Rihanna!

The news has just come down: a complaint has been filed against American rapper Kendrick Lamar and part of his team - including producers Terrace Martin and Josef Leimberg - regarding his single "Loyalty", performed with Rihanna.

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Released in 2017 on his album DAMN, "Loyalty" would be, according to the artist Terrance Hayes, a plagiarism of one of his tracks composed in 2011, bearing exactly the same name! Having previously worked on this track with Leimberg, Hayes accuses DAMN. producer Terrace Martin of having stolen the original, which he allegedly had access to on Leimberg's computer.

The text of the complaint states that "Loyalty" copies "the title of the [original] song, its subject matter, combinations of notes and structures, melodies, themes, rhythm, and kick and snare patterns" as well as its "chord progression.

In the meantime, you can listen to "Loyalty" again, right here:

Do you think "Loyalty" is plagiarism?
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