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Guess the rap song: The new phenomena of French rap

With the success of some artists online, music has never been so international. From now on, the Americans and the British are no longer the one leading and now they even broadcast some French or Belgian music, quite a surprise for all of us ... For example, Stromaé, Christine and The Queens or more recently, Aya Nakamura, made it across the ocean and even Rihanna danced to those notes!

One genre in particular, is already omnipresent here and in the US: We may not realize it from France, where FR rap no longer needs to convince anyone, but our new urban music artists are also starting to raise the temperature abroad! We could wonder if it will experience a similar success abroad as the French Touch (Daft Punk, Cassius ...) in the old days... maybe changing the History of music?

Song Trivia listed for you the biggest phenomena of French rap currently out, or in the making. Test you friends' knowledge in a Guess the Song Party special “frogs”...

A musical quiz on trendy rap: when the Frenchies take over the planet!

We may not realize it from France, where rappers don't have to prove anything anymore, but people abroad started talking about our new urban music artists.

Regarding R’n’B, the singer  of “Djadja” has become the most “bankable” French artist in Europe and in the world, 45% of people listening to her song on streaming coming from abroad. The young singer is a real hit in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. The United States also adores her as she was about to perform this year at Coachella – before the festival got cancelled.

Focusing on rap, so many artists are following the same path, with on top PNL or even Niska. Sitting on the throne of the hip-hop world - and on top of the Eiffel Tower in the video clip “DD”, in 2019! - the duo has become a real leader of this French movement. With Nekfeu, they managed to enter the top 5 of the biggest physical sales in one week. Just behind the giant Post Malone, and alongside two other Americans ... The two rappers even allowed themselves to refuse a remix of one of their songs by Drake!

Style of all records in France: rap, an essential for a 2020 musical quiz

French rap is now considered the second most important hip-hop market in the world! As said by the hip-hop specialized radio, Générations, Paris has so many rappers that the capital weighs more than large cities like Los Angeles, in terms of record sales!

Within France, the charts have been dominated for some time by the rap community, with more than half of the number 1 singles each year being from this genre; and album sales follow the same trend. We had rarely seen such hegemony for a musical genre in France! Especially since it is now French artists taking first place, stealing the show from the Americans...

Among those successful songs, we can talk about “Réseaux” by Niska, which dominated during summer 2017 (more than 300 million views on Youtube!), “Basique” by Orelsan, or pretty much all the hits released by Maître Gims, Jul or Ninho rising star who already has more than 100 certified singles to his name - from Gold to Diamond!

Besides Orelsan, when it comes to poetic rap (not to say romantic), there is also Lomepal, who managed to reach a large audience with titles like “Yeux Disent”. The young man even allowed himself a touch of self-deprecation in the hilarious "88%" with the crazy Philippe Katerine.
No need to say that with such a prolific and versatile universe, our musical quiz will be a hoot

Belgium: the other Eldorado for french-speaking rappers

We are not the only ones to have a massive rap scene among the french-speaking countries. Our Belgian neighbours also have some talented artists, competing with France in terms of sales and fame.

You certainly didn't miss Romeo Elvis and his sister Angèle, real star in recent years. Their irresistible duet “Tout Oublier” (with a video clip viewed more than 100 million times) is one of those titles that we expect to hear in such a rap playlist, and the presence of Angele brings a touch of pop rather refreshing , in the midst of all those heavy instrumentals!

Speaking of beats, two Belgian rappers have excelled in this area over the last few years. The music made by Damso, Booba's former protégé, had the effect of a bomb when it got released. On some rap productions, like in his single, "Θ. Macarena, the rapper pours a devastating flow and raw punchlines, which made his trademark. The Young Hamza’s powerful and trippy sounds also made him a reference with some more American-inspired style though.

A musical quiz to please the youngest

If you are in your thirties and want to stay in the loop in 2020, you know you have to listen to French rap. It's sad to say but ... "Rock’n’roll IS dead"...

Train your ear with our “Guess the song” game to recognize the current hits and you won't be considered as the old one in the room.  Learn the lyrics and you'll surprise more than one for sure!

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