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Guess the song of Pop-rock England: the perfect mix between Pop and Rock, 100% British

Stemming from traditional rock n roll and pop music, English pop-rock is unique. Welcome to our Pop-rock England Blind test, a 100% British blind test bringing together the greatest artists of the last 50 years, in a pop-rock musical style that is a bit precursory, sometimes moving and often extravagant.

Pop rock: blurred borders between 2 musical genres for a 100% unique music quiz.

After conquering the United States, rock' n' roll made its appearance in the United Kingdom. Many artists took it over, and this quickly gave birth to British rock. In the 60s, pop music emerged in its turn. Its name comes from popular music.

With lyrics about love and relationships between women and men, pop is a rhythmic music, inviting to dance. This musical style was greatly influenced by technology, such as multi-track recording, and later the synthesizer.

Around 1955, the term "pop rock" began to be used in the United Kingdom to refer to a musical genre combining a pop style, light lyrics and guitar-based rock songs. Sometimes seen as a sub-genre of rock, sometimes as a universe in its own right, pop rock is particularly popular with young people: the style is softer and more melancholic than traditional rock 'n' roll. While rock is often perceived as serious and with "high goals", pop is seen as more ephemeral and affordable.

Unquestionably, pop rock is a popular electro-acoustic music, mostly English-speaking, which features electric guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and synthesizer. Critics of pop rock often consider this genre as too commercial and not authentic. It is accused of being a mere consumer item and not a real art form, and is even nicknamed "bubblegum music"!

Yet most pop and rock songs are very similar, both in instrumentation and lyrical content. Apart from the term "pop rock", "power pop" is often used to describe this kind of music that mixes elements and forms from rock.

Are you interested in this pop rock music quiz? Test your knowledge!

The Beatles, pioneers of pop rock and icons of our pop rock music quiz England

A Pop Rock band from Liverpool, England, The Beatles have explored many musical genres and subgenres. They are often considered to be the creators of pop rock music, and they are the best-selling artists in the world. Their imprint is indelible and their music has left its mark on generations.

"Nothing really affected me until I heard Elvis. If there hadn't been an Elvis, there wouldn't have been The Beatles." This statement by John Lennon, one of the four members of the band, shows the importance of rock on the band and its creations. At its beginnings, the band respected the structure of a rock band, with 2 guitarists, a bassist and a drummer.

Little by little, however, the Beatles transformed this rock, softened it and made so much sparkling so that they created Pop-Rock. The Beatles then moved away from this pattern by using a wide range of instruments, largely influenced, in addition to rock 'n' roll, by Welsh folk, classical composers and even Indian music.

Rock, samba, jazz, nursery rhymes... the band doesn't really stay in any box and proudly shows a wide range of influences and instruments. After having interpreted the greatest rock'n'roll classics, the Beatles have composed and interpreted their creations. If their track "Yesterday", accompanied by a string quartet, is a perfect example of a track that became an intergenerational hit, all their compositions are now Pop Rock classics.

As the true pioneers of pop rock, the Beatles have had a very strong influence on Western popular music, and their songs are still among the most sung in the world today. If you're a fan of The Beatles, this “guess the song” game is for you... if not, you can always try to recognize the other pop rock artists in this quiz!

More and more bridges between pop and rock

Often defined as "a very rhythmic variety of rock", pop rock music is particularly popular in 2 periods, one between 1960 and 1970, the other between 1990 and the year 2000. Pop rock is easily associated with artists such as Elton John or David Bowie.

Initially influenced by gospel music, Elton John then turned to boogie-woogie piano, jazz and then rock. Then appeared pop and country music. It's an understatement to say his musical culture is impressive, and so is his palette of inspirations!

Elton John is today considered as one of the undisputed kings of pop rock, even if he remains open to any collaboration, like with Tupac for a rap-gospel-pop-rock duo, a heavy metal duo with the band Saxon or a 100% pop duo with George Michael.

For his part, Bowie is inspired by the pioneers of rock' n' roll for compositions mixing hard rock, dance pop, soul or psychedelic folk. Relying on numerous instruments (acoustic and electric guitar, piano and other keyboards, harmonica, saxophone, …), David Bowie delivers eclectic and unique works.

In his own way, Queen also establishes a bridge between Pop Rock: "Radio Ga ga" or "I want to break free" show the power of the 2 movements gathered in hits made for concerts. In the mid-90s, pop rock evolved somewhat: bands Oasis, Blur and Pulp chose to re-insert the electric guitar into mainstream pop music. This was the birth of britpop. The band Muse will be a perfect example of this movement which includes influences from all over the world: grunge scene like Nirvana, pure rock like Radiohead or lyrical flights of fancy like Prince.

Simultaneously, boy bands and girl bands were born. It's a real fashion, not to say a social phenomenon! The Spice Girls, in particular, turned pop music upside down, orienting it towards teenage pop-rock, and carrying strong feminist messages of "girl power". (link to RnB US Queens article). Their 2 albums are today classics of this musical style.

Does pop rock speak to you? Does it turn you up? With family or friends, it's up to you to try to recognize the title of the song or the artist who interprets it among the songs of our “Guess the song” pop rock England!

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