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[Video] Guess that song : Challenge latino #2 | What's your score /15?🔥

The SongTrivia team continues its momentum with this new musical quiz to test your general knowledge of Latino music this time. So yes, the songs are mainly in Spanish, not to say 99% of the time, which can make the exercise a bit complicated, but we're sure you can do it!

A second culture before starting the music video quiz?

You should know that Latino music is not a musical style. It comes, as its name indicates, from Latin America and the Spanish-speaking West Indies. It's a genre that encompasses more than 20 different musical styles such as salsa, reggaeton, mambo or rumba. You probably know it through artists such as Shakira, J. Balvin or Ricky Martin for the best known.

The musical quiz without further ado

Come on, I'm not bothering you with general knowledge anymore. Let's make way for the game, and put your knowledge to the test on the Latin music that has cheered up your year 2020 and that you'll be able to play over and over again during your evenings with friends!

How to play this music video quiz?

There's nothing simpler than that. Whether you are alone or with your friends, we give you our tip to make things simple:

  1. Get a pen and a paper
  2. Click on the video to play it
  3. Write down your answers as the clip progresses
  4. At the end of each clip, the correct answer is displayed
  5. To count the points, there is nothing simpler: 1 correct answer = 1 point
  6. Share your score with us and give us your opinion as a comment

Well, we imagine that little challenge made you dance, and that you already want a new video quiz in order to complete the first 15 musics and try the flawless on a total of 30 clips. So don't worry, the next latino quiz is coming soon.

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