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Eurovision 2020 edition at home to guess the song special pop!

Pop music is, by definition and by etymology, one of the musical genre aiming at the general public, and therefore at fame. So, it is no coincidence that it has been the most represented style of music for years in the world's biggest musical TV show:  the Eurovision.

Accessible to everyone, the 64th edition of this music competition in 2019, attracted more than 180 million viewers worldwide! Such a success over so many years could be explained by incredible musical discoveries, but also by the show offered by the performers with their amazing costumes and the extravagant scenery.

While the 2020 final, which should have been held on the 16th of May, got cancelled; Song Trivia invites you and your friends to play a special “Guess the Eurovision song” at home, with the best (or worst) pop songs in the History of the show. Just to cheer ourselves up while we wait for next year...

Pop stars at the Eurovision for a 5-star casting

Whether they were known before, or whether Eurovision made them famous, these personalities have marked the History of the show by their notoriety, and very often by the success of their songs. They also gave credibility to the show, showing it wasn't just an amateur contest.

The most striking example is ABBA's song "Waterloo", which helped Sweden win the competition in 1974. This victory suddenly drew the world's attention on the band, which had formed only two years earlier. This was followed by a series of hits we all know, such as "Dancing Queen" in 1976.

Other celebrities made a notable appearance at the Eurovision, such as the Russian duet T.A.T.u. in 2003 with the powerful "Ne Ver, Ne Boysia", Jonathan Cerrada the following year with "A Chaque Pas" or the group Katrina and The Waves in 97, 12 years after their hit "Walking On Sunshine"! We all remember also the performance of Celine Dion in 1988, who came to Switzerland to defend the song "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi". Casually, this performance helped the diva gain international fame, as two years later she released her first album in English called Unisson.

But this was only a small part of the stars who participated Patricia Kaas, Bonnie Tyler, Natasha St-Pier, Serge Lama... Will your friends be able to recognise them during your special Eurovision quiz?

“Stars for an evening”: singers associated with the Eurovision forever

Many artists, even among the winners, did not have the chance to become international pop stars, like some of the singers mentioned above. But their live performances and songs will remain forever in the memory of TV viewers.

Conchita Wurst, the dazzling bearded diva from Austria, moved the world with her golden dress and her classy "Rise Like A Phoenix". With her rich instrumentation and Conchita's incredible vocal technique, the title would have been perfect for a James Bond saga movie! Even if the singer did not have the career she hoped for afterwards, she still performed for Jean-Paul Gaultier and was part of the jury for a German drag queens show.

Among other successful pop songs, we have to quote Loreen's "Euphoria" in 2012, which holds the record for the highest number of first place votes in Eurovision History! "Satellite", sung by the German, Lena in 2010, and "Only Teardrops" by Emmelie De Forest (Denmark, 2013) also brought a breath of fresh air to the show and reaffirmed the leading status of Eastern and Northern European countries over the competition.

But with the 96 eurodance single "Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit", Gina G, an unknown Australian artist broke into the British and American charts, or Alexander Rybak, the famous Norwegian violinist (2009), there are so many examples... However, you will probably more singers (unfortunately), who sunk into oblivion after the show, but who made their mark for the time of an evening.

It will certainly be a real challenge for your friends to remember them during your guess the song game! Try to make them guess the year or country of each title, and you'll have a  for sure some good time ahead of you...

A bit of French in your Eurovision music quiz…

We know that we don't often win at Eurovision... In fact, we haven't won at all since 1977 with Marie Myriam's victory and her famous "L'Oiseau et l'Enfant"! If the bitter defeats and the low   ranking have ended up becoming a recurring joke online, we have to admit that the last songs released by the French team have been kind of successful. We are not talking about the “Moustache" song by the band Twin Twin, worst French score in the history of the show! Maybe the humiliation was too much to handle that our country react, but anyway, we did restore some sort of reputation...

Since 2016 and Amir's performance, who came 6th with the pop song called "J'ai Cherché", France has never fallen below 100 points... First in a long time! So let's honour them in our Eurovision musical quiz by adding a few songs in the language of Molière.

Focusing on the last few years, your friends will be delighted to hear Madame Monsieur singing "Mercy" (13th in the 2018 show), heartwarming song about immigrants crossing the Mediterranean, or "Roi" by the charismatic Bilal Hassani. The latter song was co-written by the Madame Monsieur - proof of their talent!

And of course, you can't talk about French Eurovision songs without mentioning the timeless "Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son" by France Gall in 1965. Such s shame that the artist interpreted it defending Luxembourg…

Guess the song with a touch of humour…

Going back to the kitsch and quirky aspect of Eurovision, and because every game has to be fun, we can only advise you to include in your quiz some pop songs that made the viewers laugh! Some of the performances were also the subject of memes on the internet...

To name just a few, you can look at the famous "Epic Sax Guy", repeated over and over in parodies from the crazy live of Ukrainian singer: Vjerka Serdjuka (2007); or (in a more different register) the demonic outfit of Lordi. More recently, Israeli Netta's "Chicken Dance" also guarantee you some good laughs.

What about you now?  Would you be ready to dress up or perform one of their choreographies to enjoy your Guess the song evening with friends?

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