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Disney: The must-have musics to have in your music quiz

Do you have your favorite cartoon, or do you like them all? As a Disney fan, our Disney musical quiz should appeal to you! Get together with family and friends and try to recognize the 25 must-see tracks from our quiz. Ready for magic?

The Disney musical quiz: the quiz for all generations!

You've probably noticed: no matter how old you are, you still love cartoons. They're funny, moving, and a source of reverie... These are the magical ingredients that have made Disney a superstar in animation studios, with classics - not to say masterpieces - that are known to all.

Over the decades, the American studio has made the most important releases ever seen in the film industry. And all over the world! And that's what makes Disney so unique: films bring together audiences of all ages, nationalities, and social backgrounds. The same passion for all, the same universe that brings people together, and also shared memories.

Who hasn't watched Disney in their parents' living room, a cassette in the VCR? Or the latest Disney on DVD at their grandmother's house? Or seen the new Disney at the movies with her best friend? For many, Disney brings back childhood and the happy memories that surround it.

If Disney films leave such a striking impression on people's minds, it's because they identify with heroes and heroines. An ordinary individual propelled into an extraordinary adventure, cats that talk and objects that come to life... the Disney universe is simply... magical!

The films also open up the world, inviting us to travel: in the 1990s, we follow the Little Mermaid in Denmark, Bernard and Bianca in Australia, Pocahontas in the Amerindian tribes, animals of the savannah in Africa and Aladdin in the Middle East.

The films tell stories that take place all over the world and in all eras: Hercules in Ancient Greece or the Hunchback of Notre-Dame in the 15th century! In addition to the distribution of its films, Disney has diversified and strongly developed its image: theme parks, merchandising products... and even a streaming service!

In 2016, Disney was ranked by a British firm as "the most powerful brand in the world" in terms of marketing. There is no doubt that this marketing contributes to anchoring the Disney universe even more in our memories, souvenirs and cultures.

Disney: music with strong identities that accompany the characters

For fans, Disney songs are inseparable from animated films. Throughout their lives, they say they sing and hum the music from the films. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to The Jungle Book, the melodies are heady and the lyrics remain in their memory.

But the music also brings back memories. Do you remember the emotion you felt when you heard “A whole new world” for the first time? Do you remember how happy you were with “Under the sea”? Your sadness at Bambi's Rain Song? Your desire to fly away with Peter Pan?

The tunes and rhythms of the songs are very successful, and leave a lasting impression. What's more, all the songs have an importance in films: they accompany anthology scenes, with a magical scenography each time, or announce a strong moment (fight, betrayal, death). But above all, the music accompanies the characters, adapting to their personalities... and makes us love them even more.

Finally, Disney songs are constantly being renewed: jazz, rock, classical music, reggae, pop... each film has its own dedicated universe, and a corresponding musical style.

Guess the Walt Disney song: 25 magic and must-see tracks

With 25 must-have titles in one music quiz, our online Disney Blind Test is for early Disney fans.

Those who have spent hours watching movies on cassette or DVD, watching them with friends, siblings and cousins. Those who dreamed, danced,...and sang the stories of these magical films.

To relive the magic today, play our Disney Music quiz.

The rules are simple: you have less than 10 seconds to recognize the musical excerpt you hear and guess to which movie it belongs. Then select the right answer, title, artist or movie. But beware, to win, it is also about being the fastest!

To help you, here are the 25 titles of the Disney music quiz

  1. The Lion King, The circle of life (1994)
  2. Raiponce, When will my life begin (2010)
  3. Hercules, Zero to heros (1997)
  4. Bambi, Little April Shower (1942)
  5. Beauty and the Beast, Histoire Éternelle (1991)
  6. Mulan, I’ll make a man out of you (1998)
  7. The Aristocats, Everybody wants to be a cat (1970)
  8. The princess and the frog, To the end of the dream (2009)
  9. Cinderella, Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (1950)
  10. Tarzan, Strangers like me (1999)
  11. Lady and the tramp, Bella notte (1955)
  12. The hunchback of Notre Dame, The bells of Notre Dame (1966)
  13. Pocahontas, Colors of the wind (1995)
  14. Peter Pan, You can fly! (1953 )
  15. Alice in Wonderland, The unbirthday song (1951)
  16. Snow-White, Heigh Ho (1937)
  17. Aladdin, A whole new world (1992)
  18. The Sleeping Beauty, Once upon a dream (1959)
  19. The Little Mermaid, Under the sea (1989)
  20. The Jungle Book, It takes little to be happy (1967)
  21. The One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Cruella de Vil (1961)
  22. Lilo & Stitch, He mele no Lilo (or “Lullaby of the lost, 2002)
  23. The sword in the stone, Higitus Figitus (1963)
  24. Pinocchio, When you wish upon a star (1940)
  25. Frozen, Let it go (2013)

Do you feel able to dive into your memories and try to recognize the Disney music that made you vibrate? Try now to guess disney song!

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