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BigFlo & Oli : a french rap reference to have for your musical knowledge

They're brothers, they're from Toulouse and they rap. Did you recognize them? BigFlo and Oli are indeed the rap stars of the moment, highly appreciated by teenagers (and their parents!). Discover the star group of our guess the song Rap which gathers all the titles of their discography. We're counting on you for a perfect one!

Blind test Rap with BigFlo and Oli: a "simple, accessible and family-friendly" rap

Authors, composers and performers, the two brothers from Toulouse are generally described as "mainstream" rappers. With their simple, non-violent lyrics, without vulgarities, the young rappers break the codes of rap. In fact, they describe their rap as "accessible, family-friendly, simple and a bit old-fashioned".

Since childhood, their musical influences have been very varied: their father is Argentinean and a salsa singer, while their mother of Algerian origin listens to a lot of French songs. The two brothers have been passionate about music since their childhood and were very much influenced by the song "J'voulais" by Sully Sefil and the track "L'école au micro d'argent" by IAM. They are also musicians (having learned music at the Toulouse Conservatory): Olivio plays trumpet and Florian plays drums and piano.

Today, they arrange and enrich their songs with a mixing table. If their rap is so accessible, it is because the duo have a pronounced taste for puns and stylistic figures, which allows them to "suggest more than say" while provoking more emotions and reactions from their audience. Their lyrics denounce the consumer society, the oppression of the weakest, and demand collective creation, solidarity, celebration... Generally speaking, BigFlo and Oli avoid the clichés of modern rap: their style is a return to the roots of "old-fashioned rap".

BigFlo and Oli: the passion of rap and featuring with the greatest

With the sole ambition to break into the world of rap, the brothers have succeeded in their gamble. As children, they were already writing poems, and have become great writers since. By the time they got to high school, they were already performing on local stages, doing rap battles before opening for the heavyweights of French rap: Sexion d'Assaut, la Rumeur (Sexion d'Assaut, the Rumour). They then played alongside Cali, Orelsan and IAM.

In 2012, BigFlo and Oli are on Youtube! Their clip with Orelsan "Pourquoi pas nous ?" is published on the platform. Their friendships with Youtubeers Squeezie, Mcfly and Carlito will lead the 2 rappers to appear multiple times on this network. In 2014 for example, their single "Monsieur tout le monde" features the actor Kyan Khojandi and has millions of views. For listeners and rap fans, it's a breath of fresh air. For the two artists, it's a child's dream come true.

Their third album "La vraie vie" offered fans a host of new features with international artists such as Stromae ("Dommage"), Joey Starr ("Trop tard") and even the American rapper Busta Rhymes (link to article Choc des titans du rap US) who collaborated with French artists for the first time on the track "Ça va trop vite".

At the heart of rap: believing in your dreams... and making them come true

After "Real Life", BigFlo and Oli are back with "Dream Life". A logical continuation to talk about their story, their dreams realized, but also those to come. Despite (or thanks to?) their youth, the 2 artists are never short of ideas and projects. And if their entourage knows that the two brothers never wanted to be veterinarians or astronauts, and always wanted to be rappers, they also know that a break is needed for the duo.

For this year 2020, BigFlo and Oli have decided to take some rest and time to write and compose, but also to relax after 3 years of touring and more than 150 concert dates. Discussing, sharing their desires, reflecting, creating emotion... the group's ambition is intact: to write their story alongside their audience.
Like all rappers, BigFlo and Oli feel the need to write lyrics, to deliver themselves in an intimate, almost therapeutic way. And to tell and share their stories with their fan community. But for this to happen, they need time, which BigFlo and Oli have chosen to take to "open up the borders and offer more refined songs", with perhaps a little more rap and a little less melody.

They share the challenge of all rappers: to get out of their comfort zone, while preserving their identity and values. Growing up with their art, making it evolve, trying out new things without falling into the trap of fashion. The two rappers from Toulouse are currently considering launching their own label, with the aim of discovering new talents: more melodic artists (like Soprano, Angèle,...) or small regional unknown artists.

In the meantime, the duo has started creating their streaming playlist: a compilation of the sounds they like at the moment, new talents they want to discover... While this is done a lot in the U.S., it's a bit less widespread in France. It's an opportunity to change a bit from what we usually listen to and give a bit of inspiration. And, of course, we've included their latest sound in our special BigFlo and Oli Rap guess the song, a collaboration with rapper Jul. It's a track that really mixes up the rappers' worlds. Do you like it?

We'll let you discover it, hoping you'll have a good time and that you'll be able to recognize all the tracks. It's up to you to play, are you ready?

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