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[News]A new species of snake named after the metal band Metallica!

A team of scientists, metal fans, has just discovered a new species of snake, which they named after... the leader of the thrash metal band Metallica, James Hetfield! It is believed to be the first new species discovered in the region in over 100 years.

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This snake was found on the island of Bioko in the Gulf of Guinea and now bears the scientific name Atheris hetfieldi. It is a type of venomous African viper with a "triangular" shaped head that gives it "the appearance of a dragon".

"We think that a cool and mysterious venomous snake, living at the foot of a volcano, lost in a tropical forest, fits well with the image of heavy metal! "explained researchers Luis Ceriaco and Mariana Marques to Metal Hammer magazine, according to comments reported by NME. "We wanted to honour [Hetfield] and thank him for the good vibes his music has given us in our lives and careers. »

A very nice tribute indeed!

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