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A little rock'n'roll in this brusky world for your musical quiz

Be rock 'nroll! This is the typical injunction of a boomer to young people who are a bit disillusioned with video games. Two or three electric guitar chords, one or two bass(es), the muffled rhythm of a drum kit, a high or hoarse voice, powerful or whispered, and there you go, right into the Rock. So yes, you're going to say "Right in the middle of THE rocks!", and you're right: rock is frighteningly diverse.

From The Strokes to The Cure, you're definitely not gonna hear the same rock 'n roll. Mind you, both are good for making love. After your craziness comes the time to play, and today we offer you to concoct a good Rock playlist for your post-debate music quizzes. However, some people prefer to keep these games for aperitifs with friends, and that's to their credit: nothing like good strong alcoholic drinks to accompany these musical quizzes.

What's Rock?

It appeared in the 1950s in the United States and later spread to France and England. A true symbol of a freedom regained following a period of world conflicts that we all dare to prevent from returning (Donald, if you read us ...), its listening became very popular and established as an iconic style in England in the 1960s. Rock quickly democratized not only musical notes and verses in reference to sex, drugs and alcohol, it popularized a whole art of living and a youthful and spirited notion of life envied by all the cutthroat teenagers our parents were then. Rock is leather, a guitar, a motorcycle and cigarettes.

English, French, American: diversify the nationalities!

This advice might apply to what you're thinking about, but we have in mind to talk about music with you. A good playlist, as we have seen in previous articles, must concentrate a multiplicity of musical references. For your musical quizzes, be sure to mix the rocks, choose old, new, English, French or other origins for the most daring among you. For example, take Indochine's latest album "13" and mix the sweetness that is "Un été français" with tracks from The Who (Won't get fooled again, Baba O'riley, ...), The doors (Riders in the storm, The end, ...) and, for the youngest among us, why not add one or two little Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Californication, Snow, etc ...). That way, you are sure to satisfy the musical tastes of young and old alike !

The Rock mono-album album: for the most discerning!

So here it is, it's very nice to prepare Rock playlists making sure to mix different artists and different eras, your father and grandfather, if you are lucky enough to have it, are proud of you. But it's all a bit easy. You have two options to make it a little bit harder. The first one, the most obvious, is to choose only the least known songs of all the above-mentioned bands and many others (please excuse me, I can't deal with all the actors of modern and ancient Rock n roll). If you're really tough, then you'll do very well like that.

If this first solution doesn't suit you, then you can simply do a blind test on a band's album! To take an example already used, Indochine's album "13" is a real challenge. Let's say it, and without any judgement, I wouldn't allow myself to do it, it can be complicated to clearly distinguish all the songs of this album: the lyrics all have common themes (travel, space, etc ...), the rhythms are the same on the whole. "13" would be a great way to test the reactivity of you and your friends on a band whose references you have to make sure everyone masters (if your American crush Tinder is on board, he'll have a bit of trouble with our dear Nicolas).

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